Writing 1500 blogs in 1500 days //Day 1500

Have you ever done something crazy to impress a girl?

I did!!😅

I started writing everyday✍️

Today is DAY 1500 of my writing streak!!

But she wasn’t impressed,
& didn’t stay for long.

Here’s the entire story 👇

+Bonus insights into my awful dating life & what I’m doing about it.

It was my last year in school.

In India, you don’t go to school in 12th grade after your syllabus is complete.

After that, you only go to maintain minimum attendance or to give exams.

I was in that stage.

One day when I went to school just for attendance..

I was roaming around the premises when I bumped into this girl.

I apologised immediately, in response she complimented my hair. OMG!!

I thought about it the entire day, & the next, & the next.

But then we didn’t meet.

When I went to school next, I couldn’t find her (I tried) but I didn’t know in which grade & section she was in.

Then she texted me on instagram.

That was so cool!

God bless the internet 🙏

We texted everyday.
Checked on each other.

One fine day, we met again.

This time not as strangers.

That was a really good day to say the least.

When you stay away from someone and only get to meet occasionally, it just hits different. ikyk.

Anyway, we went back to texting.

Btw we were not dating or anything.

But I liked her & wanted to impress her.

What could I do?


I told her that I’ll start writing everyday & asked if she’d be my accountability partner.

One more reason to text her everyday.

She said yes!

I started writing everyday, & posting it on instagram story.

She’d read after coming back from school & give me feedback. Mostly critical.

Every day I put a slider on my story asking my followers to rate my writing.

She’d rate my blogs 2,3,4 out of 10.

On a really good day, it went over 5.

Many followers rated my blogs, but the only rating that I looked forward to & the only one that mattered was her rating.

Her critical feedback helped me improve my writing by a lot.

Honestly, my goal wasn’t to write better, but to impress her.

Which was damn hard!

This went on for 50 days, then 100 days.

But by that time she wasn’t my accountability partner anymore.

We had stopped talking.

Yk long distance is hard.

But I kept writing everyday.

Now I shifted to public accountability.

I had been posting blogs everyday for 100+ days.

My followers were expecting a blog from me everyday.

This expectation served as my new accountability.

My writing streak grew to 100, 200, 500, 1000 days!!

Here’s what I wrote on completing 1000 blogs: link

I kept going, 1 day at a time.

I never had a goal to build a streak this long.

My only goal, was to push one blog a day.

No matter the quality. It has to be something.

Today is Day 1500, I still can’t believe it.

During this writing streak I wrote some really impactful blogs for global causes.

These were shared globally in countries I’ve never been to, & in languages I don’t speak.

Not just that, these blogs have shaped my entire career.

They built a solid network for me on which I feed on till date.

Fun fact: I’ve never had to apply for a job, all job offers came to me directly via founders in DMs.

People often ask me, “how much money you make from your blogs?”

There are 2 answers-

1. 0$, these blogs don’t get me any money directly.

2. All the money I make is because of these blogs.

Both are true.

What motivates me to keep writing everyday?

Without skipping a single day?

A. The streak itself.

Only a fool will break a 1500 day streak because of 1 bad day.

I keep going.

Now let’s shift focus to my dating life

It’s awful to say the least.

Why? 2 reasons:

– I never went to college
– I always worked remotely

Most people find dates at college or at work.

I never physically attended either of those.

The only girls I ever talked to were the ones who DMed me on one of my socials.

Even the girl I talked about above texted me on instagram. Else we’d probably never talk.

So I signed up on dating apps- tinder, bumble, you name it.

I made my profile on each one.

But then, within a couple of hours I deleted each one of my dating profiles from all dating apps.


They made me cringe.

Having my profile swiped left, right & center in a fraction of a second just based on my looks went against my self-respect.

I deserve better. You deserve better.

So I opted out.

But I still wanted to date.

Afterall, dating is about finding a suitable partner.

Marriage is probably the most important decision of your life, that’ll determine how you spend >70% of your life.

If you marry without dating, you’re taking a big gamble.

I started looking for answers.

What should dating look like in the present world?

It’s certainly not what these dating apps have to offer.

And I landed on some answers..

We need to stop making dating a taboo topic.

On the contrary, we should be proactive about dating.

Actively seeking out our ideal partner.

Dating is auditioning people to be your partner for life.

How can this be accomplished?

The solution needs to be:

-Respectful of everyone
-Optimize for personality, more than looks
-Give people the control of their dating life, instead of algorithms controlling it
-Not a waste of time, where you spend hours swiping for nothing

I couldn’t find this solution in the internet.

So I decided to build it myself.

Introducing d8me.app

-Create your profile
-Tell about yourself
-Images are optional
-What are you looking for?
-Share your social links
-Add your d8me link to your social media bio.

That’s it.

Here’s a sample profile –

It’s a respectful take on dating.

The way it should be.

No swiping. No time waste.

A d8me link in your bio:

-Signals you’re open to d8s
-Shows your personality
-Clarifies who can reachout

Your crush that secretly also has a crush on you, can now slide into your DMs via d8me.

It’s no longer a guessing game.

Today I’m opening up the waitlist for d8me.app

Secure your username before it’s gone!

Let’s fix d8ing together!

Today I’m happier than I’m even on my birthday, you can make it better by:

– Sharing this post with your friends
– Follow @ChoubeySahab on Twitter for updates
– Signup to d8me.app waitlist

Until next time👋


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