What would the winner do?

There are both the winner and loser inside of you. You constantly take advice from them but the truth is you can only listen to one.

As a matter of fact, we listen to the loser 9/10 times or let’s be real 10/10 times. I’ll give you an example to understand. You set alarm to wake early and the alarm goes off at the set time. Now you have 2 choices, to get up or to hit the snooze and keep sleeping. Most of us choose the latter without much thinking.

A good thing to do here is ask yourself, “What would the winner do?”, and there is one clear choice for the winner, to get up right when the first ring of the alarm goes off.

Winners are like that, they respect their own past decisions. You decided last night to wake up early, you must have thought well before setting the alarm, so now in the morning when the alarm goes off there is no need for thinking, you just have to get up.

Whereas the loser on the other hand, disrespects one’s own past decisions. Reconsidering whether to get up or not in the morning is doubting your decision of last night.

Waking up is just one example. The winner/loser mindset is applicable to almost all situations and we continue to let the loser have it’s way.

Next time you are stuck with a decision, just ask yourself “What would the winner do?” and you’ll have a clear answer before you.


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