What runs this world?

This is a question that I keep thinking about. It’s important to know the driving force that keeps this world moving. What is it that can motivate almost everyone on this planet to do his/her job?

The answer is money. Money is an insanely powerful motivator and this is what makes everyone do their job.

Now some would say that this is obvious because money is needed to survive. While that’s true, people who have more than enough money to survive and live a good life still want more money. The want of more is never satisfied. This makes both, the rich and the poor, work and work hard to get more money.

More money, is an even better life (materialistically) and insane amounts of money controls power because everyone in the government also wants money and if you can give it to them, you control them and their decisions. This is corruption explained to you in simple terms.

The point is, money is very powerful and it can influence a lot of things. Money is what keeps the world running, for good or for bad.


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