What it takes to build a cult? //Day 1058

Before we start on what it takes to build a cult, let’s first understand what is a cult.

Cult is a group of loyal/almost devotional supporters. These supporters are so loyal that they’re also called “blind supporters”.

A cult is good for those who own the cult. For example, political parties benefit from having their own cult, a set of people who believe and preach what they say.

Similarly, creators and artists have their own fan cult. These are more or less good cults, as they don’t harm the society much, unlike the political cults.

But how are these cults created? These are created by doing something that’s increasingly favoured by a section of society and opposed by another. This makes a strong cult.

A cult is not formed by the good things, but the controversial things which aren’t liked by all people. But liked a lot by a section. That section becomes a cult on being conflicted by another section.


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