What is maturity? //Day 1047

Honestly, I don’t know what maturity is. But here’s what I think it is.

It is a stage in life when you really don’t get offended by small things, instead you’re sensible enough to let go of such things.

It is when small talks stop exciting you and you’re more inclined for deep conversations.

It is when you’re always empathetic for whatever the other person might be going through. You always cut people more slack because you never know what people are actually going through.

It is when you stop chasing short term happiness and look for long term happiness and sustainability in everything.

It is not when you grow up that you mature, it’s got nothing to do with age. It’s got everything to do with how you grow your empathy and understanding overtime. That’s all maturity is about. To be a lot more sensible and understanding by default. That’s maturity.


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