We stand by you, doctor!

Before I get to the point, here’s something that you might want to know before we get to it.

Choosing to be a doctor is one of the toughest career choices one can make. It takes around 10 years of being submerged in books and learning names of medicines that most of us can’t even pronounce right.

But then why do people even choose to go through all this and become a doctor? It’s just one thing, you know, just one thing: the inner zeal to save lives.

Today, in our country, these saviours of life need other saviours to save their own lives.

Recently in Kolkata 2 medical interns were murderously attacked by a patient’s relatives, both these interns are battling for their lives in a hospital, while what they should be doing is saving other’s lives. Such an amazing role reversal no?

Because of this incident, doctors in Kolkata went on a strike to protest for better protection and safety of medical professionals. But you know what was the response from Chief Minister of West Bengal, “Get back to work in less than 4 hours, else strict action will be taken!”.

I mean how can someone be so unsympathetic towards people who are expected to sympathize with everyone that comes to them.

Doctors in our country aren’t safe. I feel ashamed of having to say this but this is the truth and there’s no hiding from it.

Mind you, this is not just a one off incident, such incidents keep happening and the number in increasing.

Again, why am I writing this? For 2 reasons precisely:

1. Most of us are unaware of what doctors go through to become doctors and if, even after becoming doctors their safety and respect isn’t ensured, then something needs fixing.

2. The media is again busy covering the more important issues like rain in Cricket world cup and some logo on Dhoni’s glove which can’t be removed because it’s a matter of national pride, you know. Someone had to write about such insignificant issues like doctor’s safety.

At this point, sadly the doctors feel they are fighting a battle of their own. Remember, they have fought several battles to save our loved ones. Can we not stand by them in this one fight?

Of course we can!

This is our chance to fight a battle for a doctor.

Help them get heard, become their voice, share this far and wide.


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