Validation (micro-blog)

Have you ever wondered- why are these social media apps so addictive?

This is because these social apps give us much needed validation. The likes, the follows , the comments all of them make us feel good.

But why are we so craving for validation?

It’s because this is what was taught to us eversince childhood. Our parents made sure we look our best when we go out or even when there’s a guest coming home.

Is validation important?

In my view, it is but only till the time it’s logical. If you dress better for a party, the host will feel good. The next time he/she throws a party, you are assured of an invitation (and free food ;). But if you had not dressed well for party then the host may doubt inviting you to his next.

Seeking validation is so often confused with doing things one would not normally do. This can be seen in peer validation. Some go out of the way to get validation from their group of friends. This validation can be illogical and harmful even.

So, go seek validation, the one that gets you free food, not the one that gets you fake friends.


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