-Podcast, but on twitter! 

I host interesting people on my “Todcast”. I created this term and category for my love of twitter and podcasts. Todcast is basically a podcast but on twitter.

Some major highlights of the todcast:

– Twitter native: Todcast (short for twitter podcast) exists entirely on twitter
– Building in Public: All invites for the todcast are sent in public via a video tweet and accepted or rejected in public. No backstage conversations!
– Asynchronous: The guests can answer when they get online, no need to stay online when the todcast is going on. It takes no extra time to be a todcast guest, you can be a guest on one in almost the same time you’re already spending on twitter.
– Answer in 1 tweet: Answers to questions have to be under 280 characters each. Since we’re doing this on twitter we have to play by their rules.

Here’s the launch tweet, where I personally explain how this is run 👇

Episode 1 with Jordon Connor (@jdnoc)

Jordon is an indie-hacker. His business “Closet Tools” generates $400k in passive income every year. In this thread, he talks about being an indie-hacker, his aversion for doing cold emails/sales calls, long term actions, parenting and more.

Link to episode thread

Episode 2 with @thisisKP

KP is known as “Build in Public” guy on twitter. He also heads OnDeck’s No-code fellowship. In this thread he talks about what made him start building in public, how’s it working at BeOnDeck with the smartest people around. He even shared his highly-resourceful cheatsheet for no-code, you should definitely check that out!

Link to episode thread

Episode 3 with Ankit Kumar (@ankitkr0)

Ankit is the most curious guy I know. This man’s incredibly aware of all things startups. In this thread he talks about the trends he’s seeing in the startup ecosystem, how to build a career on the internet and why he’s a big Dhoni fan.

Link to episode thread

Episode 4 with Tanvi Raut Dessai (@trdessai)

Tanvi is on a mission to redefine tech and business reporting in India. She runs Filter Coffee, a daily newsletter with the latest in tech and business but in a not-boring way. In this thread she talks about how Filter Coffee came into being, how difficult it is to run an everyday newsletter, her advice for Indian youngsters and much more.

Link to episode thread

Episode 5 with Supriya Paul (@supriyapaul93)

Supriya is Co-founder and CEO, Josh Talks. At Josh, they’re inspiring, informing, upskilling India in 10+ languages with over 1 Billion+ views on youtube. In this thread, Supriya shares some insights on “BHARAT”, being a woman CEO, plans on going international and much more.

Link to episode thread

Episode 6 with Arvid Kahl (@arvidkahl)

Arvid is author of “Zero to Sold” and “the Embedded Entrepreneur” books, 2 highly resourceful books for all founders and indie-hackers on how to start, run and sell their business. Besides writing books, Arvid is writer, entrepreneur, coder, and admirer of all humans who are passionate about empowering each other. In this todcast episode, Arvid gives video answers to all my questions.

Link to episode thread

Episode 7 with Carlos Manuel (@carlitosjarquin)

Carlos is an ambitious 16 year old (at the time the episode was conducted) & author of a digital book on nano-technology. He has a keen interest in futuristic technologies and concepts with an intention to shaping the future with these technologies via his research. He’s also a member of the K-society.

Link to episode thread

More episodes will be updated here as they happen..

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