Things compound.

This is what I’ve learnt. Do something over and over again and you’ll see it compound. If it’s something good, then you’ll get better at it over time, while if it’s something on the negative then it’ll get worse with time.

Compounding is a phenomenon when the outcome of an activity keeps intensifing over repeated practice.

Like if you read a book everyday for 1 hour atleast, then the benefit for each day won’t be much, but after reading for several days, you’ll start seeing the results compound- better thought process, better organization, better focus.

On the flip side, if you smoke 1 cigarette a day, the consequence for each day won’t be noticed but after doing it for many days, you start feeling you are not doing well.

The basic idea is to use compounding to your favor, take up good habits and dump the bad ones to be on the bright side of compounding.

Compounding can single handedly make or break people.


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