The extremes are good.

In our lives, sometimes we hit our extremes. It can be an extreme low or extreme high. Both these are points where you are uncertain about what’s ahead because there might be nothing or even everything.

When you hit such an extreme, don’t get nervous, don’t think too much, just do one thing: give your best shot.

Giving your best never fails in no situation. It always does good. Like in a cricket match, when a tailender comes to bat, he just tries to throw the ball outta the park. He does this because he’s batting at an extreme. If he gets out, it’s all over. But if he connects 1 or 2 slogs, the team benefits greatly by those extra runs.

When you feel you are batting at an extreme, give it your best, because whichever way it goes, your best will remain best.

Extremes are tough to deal. Don’t give in to the them. Face them in the eye and hit them outta the park once you get a good chance.

No extreme ain’t too extreme for you.

You are a force!


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