The Best Marketers- Vegetable Vendors (micro blog)

Yesterday I went to the local vegetable market. Tomatoes is what I was looking for. I found out that the market rate for tomatoes is ₹15/kg. I heard a vendor shouting 5 per kg. I immediately went to this vendor without a second thought. I found out that those tomatoes were in a very bad condition. Just when I was about to get disinterested,the vendor told me that he has another lot of tomatoes on the other side of the cart that he is selling for ₹10/kg. Now these ₹10/kg tomatoes,although smaller in size,looked good to me.I bought these ₹10/kg tomatoes.

Now let’s see the marketing tactics of this vendor:-

He shouted ₹5/kg just to grab attention. He knew that noone would be interested in 5 per kg as their condition was really bad. But now that he had my attention because of ₹5/kg,he told me that he has ₹10/kg tomatoes as well which was again lower than the market price. I asked him-“Why aren’t you shouting ₹10/kg instead? to which he candidly replied “₹5 rupee per kg sounds better”

The vendor used a different product to get me to his cart and sold me exactly what I was looking for.

What sounds good, sells good !


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