The beauty of reading. //1016

Everyone tells you should read but noone tells why you should read. Not everyone gets pleasure out of reading books. Why should they do it?

Reading is a way to take a break from your way of thinking and think like someone else (the writer). You get to view the world through a different lens. That’s one exciting thing about reading.

Another is, you get to learn new things. You can read in the field of your interest and it’ll give you a ton of more information that can help you.

Reading also helps you articulate your own thoughts. It clarifies your thinking. As you see others writing their thoughts in the form of a book. You start think in a way that can help you understand your thoughts better.

Reading helps you explore the vast information, creativity that’s there in the world. It can help you go back in time and yes, even ahead in time.

Read what fascinates you!


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