Respecting different opinions (micro-blog)

In the internet age, it is quite normal to be confronted with opposing opinions. There will always be people who have a different opinion than yours and they feel very strongly about it.

What should I do with them?

Should I try and convince them that my opinion is right and theirs is wrong OR should I simply respect their opinion while holding firm of mine

What I do is, first I try and indulge in an meaningful conversation with them ,this helps me understand the opposing perspective better. I try to give them good logic as to why I think my opinion is right.

But if I find that the other person is sort of obsessed with his/her opinion (which is fine, even I’m obsessed with some of my opinions). However good a logic I may give, it won’t bring much change to his/her opinion. At this moment I tell the other person that I respect their opinion while holding onto mine.

So if you hate this micro-blog post

“I respect your opinion” 😉


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