Productivity by making strides. //Day 1006

The way I stay productive is by making strides into my day. Generally, early in the morning when the mind is calm, people are asleep and deep work is easy to get done.

By making strides I mean, doing as many important and urgent tasks in the morning as possible. Basically breaking the bone of my to-do list early in the morning. So the rest of the day goes easy and there’s time to think.

Making strides is my way of utilising my flow state to get as much work as possible. Spreading out work to several days isn’t a good idea, especially if it’s creative work. It takes time to get into that creative zone, once you’re in, just make the most of it before you end work. In other words, make giant strides.

Making strides is the secret to not staying busy all the time and still getting a lot of things done. Just use your high focus state to get the maximum work done. Whenever that is, morning, evening, midnight. Make the most of it.


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