Playing outdoors-A thing of the past? (Micro-blog)

Isn’t it extremely hard these days to find time, opportunity and place to play an outdoor game?

First let’s talk about time, a teenager these days is reduced to a shuttle between a pair of badmintons ( tution centre and school ) .

Parents themselves aren’t concerned about their child’s physical activity.

Talking about opportunity, with such mindset of parents-children have found peace with smartphone games like pubg.

They are happy with “Winner winner chicken dinner” flashing on their screens.

But is there availability of land to play an outdoor sport- I seriously doubt this. With rapid urbanization and metro stations all around us. The government has conveniently bartered our playing spaces for urbanization.

Lack of physical activity in growth years can significantly impact proper body development.

Is walking to tution centres the only physical activity left for us?


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