Pivot as an individual. //Day 1577

Pivots are common in the startup world. You start with one idea and with time, & understanding of the market, shift to a different idea. That’s called a pivot.

Pivots are good. They show that you learnt something and are now changing tracks to reap the best returns.

Individuals can, and should, pivot too. In my life of 22 years I’ve pivoted countless times, & everytime people thought I was doing something wrong. But each of those times I was actually going for an upgrade.

In school, I pivoted from science to commerce midway. Everyone thought I was crazy. Turns out, I was made the commerce society president in just a few months.

I pivoted from wanting to go to a reputed college to not going to college at all. Again, everyone thought it’s a bad decision. Turns out I’m doing better than almost everyone who went to college from my batch.

In my professional career, I’ve pivoted multiple times & even to this day I’m looking for where the next big thing is.

They say I lack focus. I say I go where I’m most excited to go, regardless of where I planned to go or where I’ve been and for how long. I’m open to pivoting, today & always!


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