Momentum matters. //Day 1051

What you do matters. What you do consistently matters more. It’s the momentum that matters. You don’t need to win in one go but you need to be consistent in your efforts, so that the momentum can build overtime and eventually you get what you want.

Sounds straightforward, doesn’t it? Well it is. The answer to most problems is simple. Consistency is that simple answer to winning.

Apply this to anything and be patient with the results. After a point, momentum will start building and you’ll get exponentially closer to your goals with every passing day. You’ll move faster than you could have imagined.

The key here and probably the most difficult part, is to not break the momentum. To be patient is hard, and to build momentum you’ve to be patient. If you can pull off this part, you’ll see yourself on the good side of things when the time is right.


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