Mental hardwork to reduce work. //Day 1002

Before you start doing something, you need to first think about what are you trying to achieve. What’s the end goal? Next you should think about, if the approach you’re going to take to get there the most efficient and shortest possible.

More often than not, the first approach that’ll come to your mind will not be the most efficient. It’ll more likely be the most common approach. Our mind functions on familiarity. It’ll just recognise old patterns and try to replicate one of those.

But here’s when you need to pause and do some mental hardwork. Just sit and think if this is the shortest possible route to your end goal or are you just taking a longer route because everyone’s going that way?

If you do this mental hardwork, you’ll find a more efficient approach. This will end up reducing the actual work you’ve to put in. Good thinking and planning around end-goals can drastically reduce your work and “busyness”.


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