May Sudan have your attention please.

Ok so we’ve been hearing Sudan Sudan Sudan for the past few days, people putting up blue display profiles to show their support. But what is this all about?

To explain it in the least possible words: Sudan is presently under military rule and the people of Sudan are peacefully protesting in favour of a democracy where there are proper rights given to people. This peaceful protest didn’t go down right with the military and they used all evil means from tear gas to mass killings, to rapes to what not, to crush the protestors’ voice.

The situation is so dire that 1000s of innocent lives have been lost and still are being lost as you read this. But you know this is not the real problem.

The real problem is that these 1000s of lives are going down the drain without having much impact for the cause ie moving towards a democracy or atleast peace.

This is so because the military in Sudan has cut off all means of communication from it’s people, be it internet or any other service in order to prevent the outcry from spreading across the world.

The problem doesn’t stop here, the major global stake holders (read UN, US) have withdrawn from the Sudan issue because these institutions have large stakes in parties supporting the Sudan military. It’s of no interest to either UN or US to give even a little attention to the present condition of Sudan.

This has resulted in major global media houses purposely not reporting on the evil acts that are underway in Sudan.

Wait! All that’s fine. But why do we need to know all this, how can we help?

We need to know all this so that we can make others know what’s happening and they further spread it to other people. This cycle should go on until it becomes a powerful network of aware individuals to break the power and efforts of the mighty institutions that want the Sudan issue to remain under covers.

You can prevent more lives from being lost by spreading this information, to make it so widespread that UN has no option but to address it.

It’s Sudan today, tomorrow it can be your country.

We have the power to stop this. We got this.

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