“Living on the edge” //Day 1053

This is a phrase that intrigues many people. But what does it mean to live on the edge?

Does it mean to go stand on the edge of something, or sleep at the edge of the bed so you fall off midnight. No, it’s not that.

Living on the edge means to never live an extremely safe life. Pushing away all the risks. Even the tiniest ones. Most do this mistake. They think it’s safe to avoid risks. In reality, avoiding risks is itself a big risk.

How? When you stay away from risks, you’re avoiding opportunities, avenues to grow, and your potential. You won’t get anything good by avoiding these, in fact it can cost you big.

What’s a good strategy then? To take sensible risks. Risks that have a bigger upside if they work and a smaller downside if they don’t.

Live life on the edge, that’s where the view’s the most beautiful. Take the right kind of risks.


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