Just do as I say.. //Day 1046

There are times when I really struggle to keep up. When there’s too much stress, a lot of work and too little motivation to do with. It feels awful at that time. When you feel like shit but you got shit to do. Not easy.

What I do at these hard times is, tell myself, very politely, to do as I say. Then I impose a roadmap with proper timeline for when to do what. Hour by hour planning, on paper. I hand this over to myself, and tell myself to just follow it. No thinking required, no motivation needed. Just do what’s on paper.

Then I follow it, as if orders are given from a higher power and I have to act by it. I don’t feel the energy while doing the work and it’s not great quality work but it’s still work. I end up doing everything that I had asked myself to do. I know it’s a little mean approach. But sometimes, when things need to be done, there’s no better option. I just do as I say..


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