Is it right to “force” our kids into something that itself is not up to the mark? (Micro-blog)

Parents often do tell their children to study “hard”.Which is understandable to some extent as 1. They’ve put their resources on their children and there is nothing wrong in seeking return on investment. 2. They believe education is the be all,end all. In other words they believe that formal education is the sole determinant of their child’s success.

While I agree with the 1st reason, I sincerely disagree and condemn the 2nd reason. Formal education can be a part of life but not life itself. Let your children explore this world. Why force them into something that itself isn’t upto the mark.

I personally am fortunate that my parents never “forced” me to study “hard”. Never did my parents scold me for what I scored in academics. They always told me that I’m different and treated me like I was special. I feel this specialness even today. This specialness gives me the courage to try new things. It encourages me to explore the unexplored.

If you are a parent reading this or if you are a child reading this then ensure you get your parents to read this. I want to tell them that doing well in academics may/may not fetch your child success but making them feel special surely will.

If you really want to give your child something-give this feeling of specialness,uniqueness. Make your child believe they are the best no matter how they fare academically. If you get this right, you’ll be setting your child up for success.


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