Insecure men in public transport (micro-blog)

If you don’t feel insecure in public transport then I doubt if you come in the category of men. Men are extremely vulnerable in public transport, they just don’t know when a lady will pop up from nowhere and expect them to leave their seat as a sign of gratitude and “respect for the other gender”.

Women already have their seats reserved but some don’t really care-they just go and sit on a neutral seat when there is a vacant reserved seat. Most don’t get what’s the issue with this. So imagine there are 2 seats vacant in a bus – one of them is neutral and the other is reserved for women. Now , a lady enters and conveniently sits on the seat near to her which happens to be a neutral seat.Just following her-enters a male, now even though there is a seat available-he keeps standing because he doesn’t want to feel awkward when all standing females look at him as he is doing something offensive. No matter what, he will be asked to get up on the next stop by some woman. You see this man could have easily got a “secure” neutral seat had that lady walked 5 extra steps to go to a reserved seat.

To the women reading this, I want to tell you that- We respect you but please for god’s sake-fill your reserved seats first before jumping on neutral seats.

Even though we are considered the stronger gender (idk y) but our legs do hurt after a period of time.

We need your sympathy else we are literally getting tired of respecting you


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