India > America. //Day 1070

Yesterday, America blatantly refused to lift their ban on export of raw materials required for making vaccines in India.

Now while it’s completely in their right to do so. But the fact is America is already doing great on vaccinations, they are literally sitting on top of millions of vaccines which they’ll never use. Yet they refuse to help an “ally” ie India.

This also is in contrast with how India helped America just a few months ago. Trump literally tweeted out to thank Modi. But it seems America has forgotten, or this is just their true face.

India has always helped other countries whenever we were in a capacity to do so. At times, even at the expense of our own people. Yet, if the world doesn’t do that when India is in need, we’ll need to rethink our approach. Even though this is not in our values to not help someone in need, humanity is deeply embedded in us Indians.

Nevermind, we’ll get over this. A lot of other “good” countries have come forward to help, humanity still prevails, in parts of the world.


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