I’m not that important. //Day 1048

Something that I keep reminding myself is that I’m not that important. I use it to stay grounded. People often delude themselves into believing they’re very important and then they end up inflating themselves to a point where noone really likes them.

I don’t want to be that person. I’d rather remind myself that I’m not that important and let people treat me the way they want. Unless ofcourse it’s disrespectful, and it can’t be disrespectful until it’s really something disrespectful even to a normal person. My standards are no higher than that. Basic respect is all I ever expect.

All because I’m really not that important. I still have got so much to do, so much to give the world, and however much I may do, others have done more for me without even me having to ask. I’ve had so many nice people help me out at some point in life that I can’t help but be like them. Paying it forward without expecting anything, literally anything. Let’s just do good, be good and forget the rest.


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