How I wrote 1000 blogs in 1000 days?

If you count the days between 23rd May 2018 (when I wrote my 1st blog) and today 14th Feb 2021. You’ll find there are exactly 1000 days including the starting day and today.

I’ve written a blog on all those 1000 days. Not missing even a single day in between. That’s crazy and unbelievable to myself even. When I started I never thought this would become such a loong writing streak. But here I find myself writing the 1000th blog on the 1000th day of starting to write 1 blog everyday.

Since this is a very special blog for me, I’ll share with you-

– Why I started writing everyday
– What kept me going
– What impact I created through my blogs
– My 10 biggest learnings from writing everyday

Let’s start!

Why I started writing everyday?

To impress a girl I was then dating in high-school. You know people do weird things when they want to impress someone. I did this.

I told her I will write everyday, and she’ll be my accountability partner.

I was hoping she’ll get impressed.

Long story short, she wasn’t much impressed and left after a while. But I kept going with my daily writing habit despite her going.

Real men do that, right?

The streak went bigger everyday. My goal was not to get to 50 blogs or 100 blogs and definitely not to 1000 blogs. My only goal was to push out 1 blog everyday. I just kept going with it.

What kept me going?

Writing everyday isn’t hard. Writing on the days when you feel like shit is hard. Writing on days you’re sick is hard. Writing on days when you just want hide in a corner where noone sees you is hard.

What made me write on those days is the streak itself. The bigger the streak gets, the harder it is to break for yourself.

Because if you miss 1 day, you nullify the effort you put in all the days before that. It almost feels criminal to break a healthy and long streak. That’s what kept me going on those bad days.

What impact did I create through these blogs?

Through these blogs, my goal is to share my thoughts, learnings, observations with the rest of the world.

Besides that this blog has enabled me to stand for global causes.

In June 2019, I wrote a blog- “May Sudan have your attention please!” to stand against the injustice that was happening in Sudan and be their voice. Their internet was shut down in Sudan and they were relying on the rest of the world to speak for them. Through this blog, I tried to bring global attention to what was happening in Sudan so that help could reach them.

This blog was shared across the globe, in languages I don’t speak and in countries I’ve never been to.

Here are some screenshots for reference.

Then I spoke for Kashmir in August 2019, when their voice was taken away by internet shutdown and they were put in a lockdown (for reference this was much before covid)

This blog in particular took some real guts to put out. As this was happening in my own country. Still I put this out, for my grandfather taught me to always stand for what’s right and fear none.

It was again widely shared. Below are some screenshots of the blessings I earned from that post. I’m practically living off of these blessings today.

My 10 biggest learnings from writing everyday.

1. Just get started.

Starting something is the hardest part. Find a stupid reason like I did and start something. You don’t know what it can turn into.

2. There will always be excuses, the question is if you’ll take them.

On some days I was really not feeling well, on somedays I was out on vacation, on somedays I felt like hiding in a corner where noone catches me.

I showed up on all those days, I’m proud of myself for that!

3. Don’t chase perfection.

If I had tried to make each one of my blogs perfect, the streak would not last even 10 days. I kept publishing even if it was not great. Many of my blogs have typos in them.

4. People ARE NOT watching you!

I don’t know what makes people think they’re the center of people’s attention. No, people have busy lives. People don’t care about you. Just do your thing!

5. Be a player.

There are 2 types of people. Players and commentators. Players don’t stop playing to listen to the commentators. They just play their game.

6. Sharing is the best networking.

When you start publicly sharing your learnings and thoughts on the internet, it works like a magnet for attracting like minded people. Effortlessly building a high quality network for you.

7. Writing brings clarity of thought.

I can’t stress this enough. Writing everyday has made me a completely different person. I have extremely clear thoughts, goals and understanding of how the world and people function.

8. You are greater than you think.

I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I could write 1000 blogs in 1000 days. And here we are today.

9. Never give up when you’re struggling.

There was a time where I was really struggling to keep the blog going. Those were bad days. I still kept going, one should only give up when the cause is lost, else, never.

10. The internet is an insanely big opportunity.

Most people still don’t understand the power of internet. It can take you places. It can define your career. It can change your entire life. Do something exciting here!

So that’s all I want to share in my 1000th blog. I hope it inspires you in someway to start something. If you want to gift me anything, do share this blog around and subscribe to my weekly newsletter. That’ll mean the world to me. See you tomorrow, with the 1001th blog 🙂

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