How I deal with hard times? //Day 1075

Everyone goes through hard times. What matters is how you respond to hard times. Do you succumb to it? or play it through to see good times again?

I do the latter always. I’ll share a few pointers that can help you do the same ie. playing through hard times to see the good times.

1. Act normal.

This is supremely important. Just don’t panic, in a bad situation. A level head goes a long way in dealing with any situation. Plus, if you don’t act calm, it’ll impact the people around you, which can make things worse. Always act normal. You are strong!

2. Defend.

When you’re at the receiving end of things, just defend. Don’t take any risks or make any mistakes. Right now your sole motive is to stay in the game. If you stay in the game long enough, there’s a high chance of winning.

3. Keep constants.

This is a version of “act normal”. Keep doing things you normally would do. For me, writing my everyday blog would be a constant. There are other things that I do everyday and I’ll keep doing those things even if the tide’s against me. This one’s hard but important aspect of dealing with hard times.

4. Know that you will win.

Optimism is what will keep you in the game when things are not going for you. Just know in your mind that you will win. That alone will give you a lot of strength to keep playing even when it gets hard.

5. Prayer is powerful.

When there’s nothing, there’s god. Always remember this. Beliefs are extremely powerful. If you pray with a pure heart, the chances are high things will turn out in your favour.

Another one, which I didn’t include above as I personally don’t use it, is talk to people. Talking to people about your problems can give you solutions. It works for most people, should work for you too.

You’ll see good times, just learn to see through the bad times.


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