Here’s why you might be wrong about Kashmir.

Believe me I thought no less than a million times whether to write this or not. But here I find myself writing it.

We all know what’s happening in Kashmir. The big question is if it’s right or wrong. Most of us think what’s happening is right.

Because obviously why should Kashmir have different laws than the rest of the country. It should be like any other state of India.

But that is what we think and the people in power think. Did we ask what the people who live there think? Oh but why should we ask them?

The simple answer is because this decision will affect them, THIS IS ABOUT THEM, NOT US.

You and I most certainly don’t live there. This will not have even a little impact on our lives. We will continue going to schools, colleges, work. It is the people living in Kashmir, who’s lives will get affected.

The people supporting it say,“it has to happen someday, why not today?”. Now if I tell you, “you have to die someday, why not today?”. Should be fine, right?

Problem is not so much with the decision but the way it was executed.

The way in which Article 370 was removed can in no way be called democratic. The removal was done without seeking the opinion of the kashmiri population.

If it was all cool and the kashmiri people were happy about this then what was the need to stop communication in the region.

The internet is shut in the region, which means the rest of the country can’t know what’s actually going on there.

Let me clarify, I want Kashmir to be a part of India as much as any other Indian. But I want it in a peaceful democratic way, where kashmiri’s are allowed to have a voice.

I already hear you calling me a liberal, libtard and what not. I hear you trying to question me. I hear you trying to have a discussion.

Here’s the deal, I am turning off the comments so that you, for once, get to know what it feels like to have your mouth shut when you so want to speak and debate. That’s Kashmir for you.


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