Distractions are good in times of suffering (micro blog)

Sounds insane, doesn’t it? But I’ve observed that distractions help me when I’m not at my best.

Distractions give me an opportunity to forget about my suffering or pain and get indulged in something different.

The good thing about distractions is they don’t hold your attention forever. So, you can get distracted, change your mood, start working again.

Whenever I’m struggling with getting things done-I try and get myself distracted. It helps me start a fresh on solving my problem. It gives me a fresh state of mind.

Don’t confuse me for saying “Distractions are good”. They are only good when you need an uncluttered mind to get the best out of you.

Distractions are like dusters on the blackboard of your mind. Use it only when you feel what’s already written isn’t of any use.

So get distracted the next time you feel stuck


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