Daily Blogs✍️

Dreams are oxygen. //Day 1734

I think people live for their dreams. That’s what keeps people alive. To have something to go after. Something to achieve.

Dreams. Such a beautiful concept.

Dream big. Noone can stop you from dreaming. You can dreams as big as you want. So dream, and then go after them like crazy!


Success that stays. //Day 1733

Getting successful is relatively easier than staying successful. Climbing that peak is hard. Staying on that peak, harder.

That’s what brings us to the concept of Sustainable Success. In simpler words, success that stays.

How do you build sustainable success?

It takes 2 things:

1. Strong repeatable processes.

2. Strong value system.

That’s it, those 2 things will make sure you don’t fumble it all.


Reveal yourself. //Day 1732

You’re much more than your pretend to be. Stop containing yourself. Reveal yourself.

Do what you can. This is the time. Show the world what you’ve got.

This world deserves to see the whole of you.


Dream hard. //Day 1731

Dreams. The beautiful thing about life. Aspirations. That stern desire to go and get what you want. That chase.

That’s what life is made of.

Dream hard. As hard as you can. See what you can make of this life.


Deriving value from material things. //Day 1730

I never understood people who derive value from wearing expensive brands. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m valuable, the clothes derive value from being on me. That’s the reason I prefer simple clothes without any logos on them.

If I’ve to show off my wealth, I’m not wealthy enough.


Alignment. //Day 1729

Alignment is an important concept. You need to align your interests with someone else’s interests to be able to partner with them, or work with them, or transact with them.

Alignment of what both parties need. It’s not an easy one to strike. But once you find it, that’s where the magic happens.

It’s a concept for life.


What you do for others. //Day 1728

Count everything you do in a day. Everything. Now leave out everything you do for yourself. What’s left? What you do for others.

This is what you’ll be known for. What you did for other people. How you made their lives better.

See how you can serve the world better.


Money is a flow concept. //Day 1727

You can’t save your money and get rich. Why? Inflation goes up. Value of your money goes down. What’s not growing is depreciating.

That’s why it’s important to make money grow. Invest. This is what everyone does. Or at least tries to do. But there’s an even more important aspect to getting rich that every few people talk about or focus on.

To increase the inflow of money. Get multiple streams of income flowing. You can’t fill a bucket with a tap that barely gives out any water. You need a tap that goes in full flow. And then maybe more taps filling the same bucket.


Music is the endgame. //Day 1726

I’ve tried a bunch of things. One thing that’s still left. Which I believe will be the biggest one yet. Music.

Music binds all. Connect all. Heals all. Conquers all.

Music. I’m coming for you.


Taking no less. //1725

You to go get what you want. But there’s a more important aspect to it. That you’ll not be satisfied with anything less than that. You’ll not settle for less.

You’ve to beat the temptation of taking less and go after what you want. That’s your goal. That’s what can only satisfy you.

No regrets. Just the chase.