Daily Blogs✍️

Be good to people. //Day 1579

One thing that doesn’t cost anything but has immense upside is being good to people. Just the basic etiquettes. Greeting people with a smile.

That alone put you at an advantage. They’re more likely to do good things for you when you need.

The only requirement, you being nice and friendly. That goes a long way.

Earn people. Be nice!


Visibly rich & the real rich. //Day 1578

Caveat: I’m talking about monetary richness here.

There are 2 types of rich people, the visibly rich & the real rich. While the real rich can also be visibly rich, but it’s not necessary.

But the visibly rich aren’t always rich.

You see the difference here. The people you see on Instagram flashing their cars and fancy lifestyles might not be actually rich. How?

Those things can be rented on they might be in a ton of debt, which makes them a lot poorer than the average personal.

For that reason, don’t go too much by what you see. It’s often not real. The wealth can be faked.

Focus on earning, not showing.


Pivot as an individual. //Day 1577

Pivots are common in the startup world. You start with one idea and with time, & understanding of the market, shift to a different idea. That’s called a pivot.

Pivots are good. They show that you learnt something and are now changing tracks to reap the best returns.

Individuals can, and should, pivot too. In my life of 22 years I’ve pivoted countless times, & everytime people thought I was doing something wrong. But each of those times I was actually going for an upgrade.

In school, I pivoted from science to commerce midway. Everyone thought I was crazy. Turns out, I was made the commerce society president in just a few months.

I pivoted from wanting to go to a reputed college to not going to college at all. Again, everyone thought it’s a bad decision. Turns out I’m doing better than almost everyone who went to college from my batch.

In my professional career, I’ve pivoted multiple times & even to this day I’m looking for where the next big thing is.

They say I lack focus. I say I go where I’m most excited to go, regardless of where I planned to go or where I’ve been and for how long. I’m open to pivoting, today & always!


A good day. //Day 1576

Today was a day that I took slow. Yet by the end of it accomplished what I set out for today.

I chase the right mind frame to accomplish tasks. Once I have that it’s easy from there.

It’s a better approach than pushing yourself when you’re not in the right mind frame.

Give yourself time. It’s worth it. But not too much of it. Because too much of anything is bad.


Keep going. //Day 1575

Today was a good day. Not the perfect day but we’re closer to that. We’ll slowly get there. No rush.

But the effort is what I like. I pushed myself a little & I appreciate that.

More days like this, added up, will lead to a big win.


Gym & work. //Day 1574

I’m good at the gym. I push myself there. But I need to up my work productivity.

What are the key differences between gym & work that affect the difference in productivity.

1. I don’t use phone in the gym. So no distractions.

2. I take extremely short breaks in the gym. 30 secs after set & 1.5 min post set.

3. Set time & targets. I know exactly what I’m there to do in the gym. That keeps me focused.

4. The trainer at the gyms gets me to push myself. Something I don’t have for work. But I need to start being that person for myself.

Let’s fix work productivity. The gym way.


Emotionless, thoughtless decisions. //Day 1573

Disciplined is about emotionless, thoughtless decisions. It’s about things you ought to do no matter what.

It’s actually not even a decision anymore. It’s the default way of operating.

Descipline is a way of life.


Factory health. //Day 1572

Nothing matters. Only the state of the factory matters. What’s the factory. It’s you.

What’s the state of the factory? It’s your mental, physical, and spiritual health. It’s how productive you are and how well you manage your time.

It’s all dependent on your health. The state of your factory. Focus on that. Everything will fall in place.


Test match. //Day 1571

Life is like a test match. You’ve to leave some balls, defend some balls, & hit some balls.

Life is similar. You don’t have to hit every ball, but you still have to stay in the game. That is done by defending & leaving the ball.

It’s not always about offense, defense is equally important.


Proof of work. //Day 1570

A lot of people stress too much about degrees, certificates, & credentials. That sure gives you a platform & a headstart. But if you don’t have that. There’s still another way.

Proof of work. Just learn and start doing your thing. On your own. Build a portfolio. Show it to people. That’ll work just as good as certificates & degrees.

There’s immense value in proof of work. Show people what you got and they’ll give you a shot. Once you’ve a shot, you own it from there.