Daily Blogs✍️

The best version. //Day 1695

I want to be my best self. For that I need to fix a few things. Push myself a lil more.

The best version is crazy good at everything. He can do almost anything.

The best version doesn’t leave anything on the table.


Work & fun. //Day 1694

Today was a well balanced day. There was fun, and there was some work. Good balance.

I want both in life. But I also want the kind of work that I like to do. Fun work. That sounds amazing.

I love fun work. The work that energizes me, instead of draining me. It’s hard to find, but it’s somewhere. Keep looking for it!


Hardwork. //Day 1693

Most people only work hard when they’re asked to and there’s no other option.

A rare few can do it on their own for their own self. Those are the real winners.

Be one of those who push themselves everyday. That’s the only way to win big in life. Learn to work hard on your own.


Writing. //Day 1692

I write everyday. I like doing it. Weather someone reads or not isn’t something I care about. I’m just trying to be myself here.

Information is abundantly available. What’s not so abundantly available is authinticity. That’s what I plan to offer here everyday. My real self.


Rail through the discomfort. //Day 1691

If you keep working for long hours, you’ll feel some discomfort kicking in. Or when you’re doing something new. You’ll feel discomfort.

The common thing to do is come out of discomfort and go back to comfort. That’s what almost everyone does. But if you want to go big. That’s the area of growth for you.

Discomfort equals growth. Not all discomfort but the one you get by doing tghe above type of things.

The right thing to do is rail through that discomfort. Find comfort there. Win!


Experiment. //Day 1690

It’s good to experiment & try out different things. It’s fun. Everyone should do it.

But it’s also important to stick with the important things. You’ve to have a balance.

The right balance of experiments and things you can trust will work. Do both simultaneously.


Momentum. //Day 1689

Momentum is really important. When you have it, retain it. Do all you can to keep p it going.

If it breaks, you’ve to rebuild it. Which isn’t easy. Momentum keeps you going. In speed.

Keep your momentum dear, it’ll help you win.


New year. //Day 1688

We’re into the new year. My goal for this year is to build upon last year. To focus on processes.

I look to keep things simple and achieve my goals. This year will be good. I’m looking forward to it.

Let’s get this year started!


Keep things simple. //Day 1687

Simplicity is so easy yet so hard. People are so fascinated by complicated that they ignore the easy. The low hanging fruits go unnoticed.

For that reason, simple is hard. It’s hard to believe simple things work. But they do.

Everytime I remind myself to keep things simple. And it reduces stress and increases my success. It’s that simple!


On my way. //Day 1686

Today’s the 31st Dec. Everyone is sharing their plans for next year. New goals and stuff. For me things don’t change. Goals won’t change.

I’m going after my dreams. Aggressively. Everyday. This will continue tomorrow. Nothing will change.

The chase will continue. Nothing can stop me. I’m on my way. I’ll be there. Watch out.