Put yourself in uncomfortable situations.

The surest way to personal growth is by putting yourself in situations you don’t like to be in. The mistake I see people making is they do the exact opposite, avoiding uncomfortable situations.

What are the situations I’m talking about here, everything that you should be doing but don’t do for the fear of failing or embarrassment.

We don’t realize that nobody gives a damn about us. Nobody really cares even if you falter. They’re going to forget in just about a few minutes. But the learnings you’ll gain from it will stay with you for a lifetime.

So get on that stage, hold that mic and do your thing. Take up that opportunity that you feel you’re not qualified for. Do things that make you uncomfortable, that’s where the growth lies. That’s how you’ll become a better version of yourself.


When I don’t live upto my expectations..

There are days when I fail to live upto my own expectations. It feels terrible on those days. Almost like I’m betraying my potential.

My expectations from myself are nothing normal. I don’t expect normal stuff myself for I believe I’m different and here to do great things. This makes me have very high standards of performance in every area of life and work.

After a point, it gets tough. It becomes hard to keep up and then I feel guilty. But I never lower my expectations from myself. I might take a break from a few things. But will never “settle” for less than what I’m potent of.

I’ll keep striving for optimum performance, even if I fail a million times.


Macro and micro leadership.

Leadership is a tough job. It’s not as easy as giving orders. It’s so much more than that. A leader has to convince the followers that s/he’s the best person to lead.

One necessary trait in leadership is they can lead with macro and micro vision. In macro vision, the leader talks about grand vision, goals, targets, dreams. While in micro vision, the leader gets down to the tiniest details of execution.

A leader is someone who can charm you with the macro vision and get you to work your best with a micro vision on all activities.

These 2 traits make a good leader. A leader worth following. A leader who knows where we are going and at what pace we need to move to get there.

If you’re a leader, or want to be one, make sure to get these traits in yourself. Even if you don’t have them yet, these are learnable traits. We need more leaders and I see one in you.


Don’t contaminate your head.

Your head is the place where all the thinking happens. It is your duty to keep your head clean.

The internet can easily contaminate your head. The internet is a limitless resource and limitless resource is a liability as much as it is an asset. You have to be very mindful of how you use a limitless resource.

Make the right use of it and it can take you places. On the flip side, it can also easily clutter your head and take away all your mental energy.

You’ve guard the gates of your head. Never let anything that’s not relevant enter in your sacred place. Keep your head clean of all the bad thoughts. Don’t let the internet contaminate your thoughts.


How people spend money?

I’m always on the look for what makes people spend their money on something. It’s important to be very observant of this to be able to sell something to others.

People aren’t always rational about how they spend their money. Or actually they’re rarely rational. Most of their spending decisions are plain wrong.

For example, if you’re spending money to buy fancy clothes, you’re basically spending money to look cool to others. Is this a rational and best way to spend? No. But this is how people actually spend.

Most people go on vacations for the pictures and not really for enjoying and refreshing. This is not rational. But this is real.

If you can understand what makes people take out their wallet and spend money, you can do well in business. If you can see the triggers that push people to spend money, you’re in business.

If you’re interested in business, be interested in how money work and how the psychology around money works.


Segment your tasks.

When you get a big task or assignment, it can get overwhelming at times. A good strategy to not get overwhelmed by them is by segmenting it into smaller parts and then making deadline for each smaller task.

This makes it a whole lot easier to accomplish. It’s like if I ask you can you drink a jug of water at once, you’d say no. But if I say 4 glasses of water, it suddenly doesn’t seems as overwhelming.

Try breaking big things into smaller things. Doesn’t take much time and makes it more likely to be completed on time.


Ignorance as a tool.

Ignorance is generally considered a bad thing. In my opinion it’s not. If used thoughtfully, ignorance is a tool. A tool to filter out things that should not bother you. The reason can be that you can’t do much about those things anyway, so bothering won’t help. But ignorance will.

You’ve to choose what deserves your attention and when. If you just let your attention go in the direction where everyone’s attention is going (news), it’ll only mess up your own priorities.

I’m not saying that you should be completely unaware of what’s happening around you. All I’m saying is have boundaries around how much you get invested in those things.

Ignorance is about setting up those boundaries and knowing what deserves your attention and how much. It’s a powerful tool to protect your energy and attention from draining into whatever is in the news or trending. Use ignorance to your advantage.


Jeff Bezos steps down as CEO!

Jeff Bezos announced that he is stepping down as the CEO of Amazon. This is big news. He’s worked on Amazon for ~27 complete years and made it into the beast Amazon is today. Almost a trillion dollar company. Crazy what he’s done!

In the past so many years he’s served billions of people via his companies. This is what business can enable you to do while making a lot of money. But money should not be why you do business, it should be creating impact at scale.

Jeff would not be able to grind for years if he wasn’t passionate about the problem he was solving. It’s not possible without a passion for what you do, you’ll burn out if it’s just for the money.

He’s left lessons for up and coming entrepreneurs on every front of how to run a global business. I’m not saying he did everything right. But he did a lot of things right. And that’s what matters, to do a lot of things right. A skill you only learn by trying and failing multiple times. Get at it.


Putting things off.

I’m not a fan of putting things off until later. By doing that, you’re taking a risk. It’s a risk because you might not want to do it or feel like doing it or have the energy to do it.

There can be a 100 reasons to not do something. If you don’t want those hundred reasons to bother you, do it now, not tomorrow, not later. Right now.

If you’re in your flow state, finish as much work as possible in that state. Don’t get satisfied with you done here. A flow state can always give you more. Ask of it all your work. Finish it off. Nothing for later. Everything now.

Putting things off until later is a time, energy, and productivity sucker. It happens when you get satisfied what you’ve done and as a reward give yourself the freedom to put things off. This freedom nullifies the upper hand you built. It reduces the leverage you had.

Do now. This is the only way to crack it.


Write when you’re feeling something.

There is this secret hack to write something worth reading. Write when you’re feeling something. Happy/sad/low/high anything.

When you write at that time, you write something that people can resonate with. Because people like listening to people. Normal people like themselves, who go through the same mood swings like everyone else. Who face the lows and the highs like all of us do.

Write like a human. Imperfect. Vulnerable. Real. Something that’ll help you express and others connect. That’s easier done when you’re feeling something.

A pen and paper is a good way to go but if not that, the notes app on your phone is pretty good at holding secrets. Go spill it over there!