Expect the best, prepare for the worst. //Day 1062

I go by this strategy. Always expect the best, but be ready for the worst. Being an optimist, this helps keep me in the view of all possibilities. Good and bad.

If I’m working on something, I’ll give my best and assume/expect it to fetch me the desired result. But also, have it in the back of my mind, that this might not go my way. I’m always prepared for the worst.

Probably that’s the reason, things don’t knock me off, however bad they might be. I’m always ready to battle with the worst, even if all I was expecting was a win.


Personal brand as a moat. //Day 1061

These days everyone wants to create a personal brand. But why is it important? and where does it help, if at all?

I see personal branding as a moat for an individual, much like businesses have their own moats. It is something that will prevent you from failing, it gets you to a level where you’re slightly above your competition, always. That’s the very basic benefit of personal branding.

If we look at the upsides, there are plenty. It gives you leverage, a voice of your own, a standing of your own. You can build anything on top of it. Even a complete business.

That’s the importance of having a personal brand. If you get this in place, you’ll not have to worry about a lot of things that people without a personal brand have to worry about. You’ll have an advantage, upon which you can build amazing things.

Highly recommend everyone to try and build a brand around themselves. A moat that won’t let you fail and put you in a better position to succeed.


The goal is not to make more money. //Day 1060

A lot of people go after making money. It’s like the only goal they’re chasing, to make more money than they’re already making.

But making more money can’t be a goal, as there’s no end to that. However much you make, you can always make more.

Then what really should be the goal, if not making more money?

It should be freedom. Freedom to work on things you like working on, freedom to construct a life you want. That’s what should be the goal.

Agreed, making money is a means to attaining this freedom, but it’s not the end goal, freedom is. That’s what you should be chasing.


The noob test. //Day 1059

First, who’s a noob? A newbie or someone with little to no knowledge of a concept/field. Everyone’s a noob at something, so it’s definitely not a bad thing.

If you’re working on something and you have some level of understanding and expertise on it, try asking a noob for his/her opinion on it.

They’ll give you an unfiltered review of what you’re working on. You’ll easily know if it’s simple enough for a noob to understand or too difficult for them to comprehend.

If you’re building a product, you’ll know all its intricacies but the real test begins when it’s given to a noob. Someone who isn’t familiar with the product.

Can they use it easily? If yes, congrats you passed the noob test. If not, you got work to do.


What it takes to build a cult? //Day 1058

Before we start on what it takes to build a cult, let’s first understand what is a cult.

Cult is a group of loyal/almost devotional supporters. These supporters are so loyal that they’re also called “blind supporters”.

A cult is good for those who own the cult. For example, political parties benefit from having their own cult, a set of people who believe and preach what they say.

Similarly, creators and artists have their own fan cult. These are more or less good cults, as they don’t harm the society much, unlike the political cults.

But how are these cults created? These are created by doing something that’s increasingly favoured by a section of society and opposed by another. This makes a strong cult.

A cult is not formed by the good things, but the controversial things which aren’t liked by all people. But liked a lot by a section. That section becomes a cult on being conflicted by another section.


A game to be played slow. //Day 1057

Most games are high on speed and intensity. Unlike the greatest game of all, life.

Life is a game best played slow. When you feel every moment and appreciate all the small things. Actually, live for the small things.

That’s where life is, not in the big fancy houses, not in those fancy cars but in the flowers in the garden, feeling the morning dew on grass, watching the sunrise. That’s life.

Live all those moments, as well as you can and as slow as you can. Life doesn’t last very long, until you decide to make it last.


Go beyond the surface. //Day 1056

The surface is what everyone sees. It’s also where most remain stuck at. The surface. The outside.

What we miss out is what’s beyond the surface. That’s what really matters. What is a thing made of is a 100 times more important than what it looks from outside.

But again few bother to look beyond the surface. For it takes effort to go beyond it, effort than few are willing to make. But those who do really truly understand the real value of thing.

The surface, however good and shiny it may look, is still just the surface.


You’re never too small to create an impact //Day 1055

Too many people think they’re too small to create any impact and hence do nothing. To them I’d say, try sleeping with a mosquito around someday.

It won’t let you sleep. It’ll create that annoying sound in your ears from left to right and make you slap yourself a 100 times.

That’s what a mosquito can do. It can disrupt the sleep of a giant like you.

If a mosquito can have the confidence to do that, why do you think you’re too small to create an impact?


3 things more important than money. //Day 1054

There are 3 things that are far more important than money. These are things I wish and pray for before I wish for anything materialistic.

These 3 things are happiness, health and security. Happiness is what you ultimately work for, money is only a means to it. Health is something so important, that no amount of money will help if your health goes wrong. Then lastly, security, in every sense possible.

If these 3 things are sorted, money won’t matter much. These 3 things will determine the quality of your life, not the amount of money you make.

Money can’t buy happiness, money can’t buy good health and money can’t buy you security from all the bad things that can happen. Focus on your happiness, health and pray for security. Those are the real elements that make a good life.


“Living on the edge” //Day 1053

This is a phrase that intrigues many people. But what does it mean to live on the edge?

Does it mean to go stand on the edge of something, or sleep at the edge of the bed so you fall off midnight. No, it’s not that.

Living on the edge means to never live an extremely safe life. Pushing away all the risks. Even the tiniest ones. Most do this mistake. They think it’s safe to avoid risks. In reality, avoiding risks is itself a big risk.

How? When you stay away from risks, you’re avoiding opportunities, avenues to grow, and your potential. You won’t get anything good by avoiding these, in fact it can cost you big.

What’s a good strategy then? To take sensible risks. Risks that have a bigger upside if they work and a smaller downside if they don’t.

Live life on the edge, that’s where the view’s the most beautiful. Take the right kind of risks.