Daily Blogs✍️

Going down the staircase. //Day 1589

Everyday we are one day closer to death. Everyday is like a step on a staircase going downwards. You can rush through it. Jump off it. Even fall off it. Whatever suits you. The destination is the same for all of us.

There’s also an option to take it slow, one step at a time. Stand on every step with both feet grounded and see how the world looks like from there.

Almost noone does that. Everyone is in a rush. To where? That place where you will reach no matter how slow you go. Yet the rush. Why? Live while it lasts.


Raw confidence. //Day 1588

Hardik Pandya, the India finisher, has something I describe as raw confidence. He’s calm in difficult situations & has confidence in his ability.

How does this raw confidence come from? It comes from struggle and having been through the bad days.

He’s someone coming from extremely humble backgrounds and has now made it big. The confidence is of having dealt with worse things. Whatever you throw at him isn’t hard enough for him. That’s raw inbuilt confidence.


2 hours at the gym. //Day 1587

Nothing makes you feel better than working out for 2 hours at the gym. That’s what I did today. And it made me happier.

Working out has been my go to stress reliever. For a hyper active person like me. It’s ideal.

I like it more than meditation as it suits me better. Plus it helps me both physically and mentally.


Renewal. //Day 1586

You need a renewal every now and then. To be back at what you do wit new passion and energy. But how do you get these renewals?

In my case, it’s through setbacks. Through rejections and failures. That’s what brings out a new me. To make them regret their decisions. I’m here to prove them wrong.

Doubting my abilities is the biggest mistake one can make. I’m here to make them realize it. I’m at it with renewed energy. Wait & watch!


L for fuel. //Day 1585

L is a loss. But L is also fuel.

Losses fuel your wins. Don’t be scared of the Ls. Take them. Right on the face. Then convert them to fuel.

Succeed using those Ls as your driving force. Let the Ls push you. Let the Ls make you go harder. Let the Ls convert to Ws.


Blank state state. //Day 1584

What’s the blank state state?

It’s the state when your mind is blank.

Ok but what’s that?

A state where your mind isn’t pacing ahead, and is focused on the task at hand?

When do you have this state?

After you wake up & after deep meditation.

How to preserve blank state?

By not using gadgets that alter the speed of our thoughts.

The bank state state is precious, it helps you live in the present.


Just do it. //Day 1583

Earlier I thought Nike has a very simplistic tag line “Just do it”. They could have said something fancier.

Overtime I’ve realized it’s the best tagline among all companies. What it really says is, you’ve to just do it. It’s not that hard. Show up and do it. That’s all it takes.

I follow that approach to keep this blog going everyday. Even if I’m not feeling like writing, I tell myself – Just do it.


Challenge yourself. //Day 1582

Challenges get you to push yourself. See what you’re capable of.

For that reason, I’m always upping my game. Giving myself new targets to hit. To achieve those, I need to level up.

I need to dig in and see what I got.

Challenges make me summon what I’m capable of. For that reason, I love challenges.


Get over the mess. //Day 1581

Often you’ll find yourself stuck in a mess. Be calm. See what you need to do to get out of there. Then pull yourself out.

It doesn’t take much time. Just some clear thinking. That’s all it takes.

Get out of this mess!


They didn’t freak out. //Day 1580

Today I texted someone I barely know a compliment on their profile photo. But their response was cold. As if the text was someone random.

I expect people to freak out when I text them. This response was the polar opposite. Heck, I’m not doing good enough. It’s a good litmus test.

Need to step up and get people to freak out on the smallest interaction with me.

Gotta work on it.