At war with an invisible enemy. //Day 1072

India is possibly in the worst state of affairs right now. Fighting a war with an invisible enemy isn’t easy and the country is evidently struggling.

The healthcare system has been completely overwhelmed. There are no beds in hospitals. It’s that bad.

We were so not prepared for this. It’s an absolute failure of state. People struggling the get oxygen, the basic necessity of life, is a shame. The government has let us down on so many levels.

But that doesn’t mean we will lose this battle. The fight is still on. Each one a soldier. Fight for your country. We can’t lose this battle!


The only quote you need right now. //Day 1071

Quotes can uplift, inspire, motivate and give you strength when you’ve to fight.

I’ll share one quote that will give you strength to get through all of this. Here’s the quote-

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

– Joseph P. Kennedy

What it means is exactly what is says. When things get tough, when most give up, the tough still get going. They don’t give up. The look in the eyes of the difficulty and fight it. Fight until they win.

This is the time to fight the virus. It’s tough, but we’re tougher.


India > America. //Day 1070

Yesterday, America blatantly refused to lift their ban on export of raw materials required for making vaccines in India.

Now while it’s completely in their right to do so. But the fact is America is already doing great on vaccinations, they are literally sitting on top of millions of vaccines which they’ll never use. Yet they refuse to help an “ally” ie India.

This also is in contrast with how India helped America just a few months ago. Trump literally tweeted out to thank Modi. But it seems America has forgotten, or this is just their true face.

India has always helped other countries whenever we were in a capacity to do so. At times, even at the expense of our own people. Yet, if the world doesn’t do that when India is in need, we’ll need to rethink our approach. Even though this is not in our values to not help someone in need, humanity is deeply embedded in us Indians.

Nevermind, we’ll get over this. A lot of other “good” countries have come forward to help, humanity still prevails, in parts of the world.


Time to earn your blessings. //Day 1069

You will get ample opportunities to make money. Even to earn respect. But never enough opportunities to earn blessings.

If you’re in India right now, this is your opportunity to earn blessings. You can literally help in saving someone’s life. This opportunity might never arise again. Grab it this time, earn as many blessings as you want.

What you need to do to earn these blessings? Help people in need. How do you do that? There are many ways. Amplify messages of people posting their requirements on social media, spread information and awareness about covid resources, volunteer for covid help groups, make donations to organisations doing good work, encourage covid recovered people to donate plasma and spread good vibes and hope in general.

Share this post around to spread awareness on how people can help, there are many who want to but don’t know how.

My DMs are always open if you want further help in how to help. Let’s get over this, together!


A call to action for business leaders. //Day 1068

The situation with Coronavirus is worsening in the country with every passing day. A lockdown is in place. What that means is big business losses for small to medium size businesses as their shops are literally shut.

Something that I’m surprised to see is the callousness of leaders of companies that are still operating via work from home. These companies are previdged to stay operational in the middle of a strict lockdown and are definitely much more well off than the shops that are shut.

But what are these companies doing when people are dieing across the country? Saddening to tell you, they’re proceeding business as usual. As if nothing has happened. Their employees are destressed but they don’t care.

I know it doesn’t make sense to stop operations completely, that would hurt the economy. But atleast show some empathy and do your bit.

What can you do? Put a part of your engineering team to work on existing help websites, use your company social media handles to amplify needs, get your employees to volunteer for so many help initiatives doing rounds, donate to various organizations doing good work. There’s so much you can do!

Please don’t act like a baby, you built an entire business. You know very well what all can be done.

Use your company resources, both capital and human, to help the country get over this. These are not normal times for god’s sake!! Please do your bit.


Apple in a forest. //Day 1067

If you’re going after something, your goals, ambitions, or whatever, your best bet to succeed is to avoid failure.

Those who win are more often those who either avoided failure, or lived through them. That’s because success isn’t straight forward. Not as simple as plucking an apple from a tree.

Success is more like getting into a forest looking for an apple tree. Constantly being at the risk of getting killed by a wild animal. But trying to avoid that at all costs, moving slow, lighting a fire and yet looking for that apple tree. Then once you find that tree, plucking the good apples.

In this entire game, the ones who get to the apple are those who avoided failure. They were completely aware of what could go wrong and prepared for it.

On the flip side, those who got in the forest only for their love of apple, never got to the apple. For the apple is only the reward, what matters more is how you go through all that comes before the apple. The forest, the wild animals, the terrain, the weather conditions, your energy levels and much more.

Don’t just blindly go after the apple, it can get you killed. Know the journey, know where you can fail, avoid and prepare for all those failures. Now go fetch that apple!


Can I write something that matters? //Day 1066

The thing with this everyday writing is you have to write everyday, even on days you don’t have much to say or add. Even on days there’s so much happening left right and all around that it’s hard to think what to write.

But still I have to write, then next question is what can I write that matters. That deserves to occupy some space on your feed and maybe make you feel a little better.

So I’ll write about hope. When there’s nothing there’s hope. When you don’t have anything to hold on to, you can still hold on to hope. A hope that we will get out of this. A hope that things will be back to normal soon. A hope that this suffering ends soon. A hope that a better world awaits at the other side of this. A hope.

Let’s hope humanity wins at the end of this, the fight continues. We will end with nothing less than a win. Let’s keep fighting!


Protect your mental health. //Day 1065

These days Coronavirus has completely taken over all the news and social media, for obvious reasons.

You don’t need to listen to that chatter all the time, your head just can’t take it. All the news and social media is trying to tell you is to be very careful and do what you can to prevent the damage.

That’s all the story is, listening to that over and over won’t make it any better. Just follow the guidelines and protect your sanity. Mental health can be easily tested in such trying times. Take care of yourself, in every way possible.

Limit your news and social media intake. Just be aware, not hyper-aware.


Avoid being dumb. //Day 1064

Corona virus has peaked again and this time it’s looking more dangerous than ever. While the vaccinations have started and you’re probably bored of the virus. Unfortunately, the virus isn’t bored of us.

So what can we do? The very least we can do is avoid being dumb. Don’t go out unless it’s absolutely necessary. Keep your masks up. Wash hands and always maintain social distancing. At this point I might just shout this from my rooftop to get people to listen.

I know it’s hard, staying in is so not exciting. But you know what’s also not exciting, the job of our health workers. They’re tirelessly working on all days, no they don’t get to stay home and get bored like you. Putting their life at risk at all times.

After that if you act irresponsibly by going out and not taking precautions, what you’re essentially doing is, going to the other side in between a war and shooting the soldier who’s fighting for you.

See how awful that sounds, you can’t be that person. Be very careful, if you can’t fight the war, atleast don’t make it worse. Stay in, mask up, do what you can to make sure we win this with least amount of loss as possible. A request.


Lesser expectations, better life. //Day 1063

If you want to live a good life, have less expectations of others and more expectations of yourself.

This is because the expectations you have of others isn’t in your control. While the expectations you have of yourself are completely in your control.

You can determine exactly how your day should go but you can’t determine how someone else’s day will go. Having less expectations of others and more of yourself will ensure you’re always focused on what you can control.

A lot of managers whose entire job is to get stuff done from others see the bad side of this. They’re anxious and stressed all the time with nothing they can control except shouting at people for not doing their things.

This is why it’s so important to hire people who have high expectations of themselves, so you don’t have to be that manager and live a stressed life.