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Eliminate the decision. //Day 1458

If you want to build a long term consistent habit, then you’ll need to make it compulsory. Remove the option of doing it or not doing it. You just have to do it. It’s not a choice.

I’ve done this for writing a blog everyday. I do it everyday no matter what, and I’ve been doing it for 1458 days as of today without missing a day.

It might look hard to be consistent for so long, but the secret is removing the decision and doing it everyday no matter what. Apply this to 1 habit and see where it takes you. Next I’ll apply this to waking up at 4.


Centeredness is hard mode made easy. //Day 1457

Living life the right way can be hard. As it’s hard to do the right thing. But there’s a way to make things easy.

That way is centredness. Your ability to remain unfazed by the surrounding circumstances.

A state of centeredness can be achieved by practicing meditation and breathwork on a daily basis.


Mind > Body > World. //Day 1456

You must have heard the saying, “it all starts in the head”. It is absolutely true.

Everything starts in the head, then your body follows what your mind says, and then your actions transform into worldly reality.

First the mind, then the body, and then the world.


Become a witness to your emotions. //Day 1455

Everyone experiences emotions. Anger, sadness, happiness and so on. But if we flow with our emotions, we’ll not have any control on our lives.

So what should we do instead?

Become a witness of your emotions, not a part. Most of us do the latter.

Becoming a witness means acknowledging your emotion of anger, greed, jealousy, sadness, happiness and then not letting it get the better of you. Being witness means observing your emotions without indulging in them.

This is how you achieve control over emotions, and hence yourself.


2 meta skills every founder must have. //Day 1454

There are 2 skills that every founder or leader must have:

1. Finding a way around – things won’t always turn out the way you wanted, so you’ll need to find a way around. The good news is, there’s always a way around if you look hard enough 🙂

2. Stop, think, act – You’ll often find yourself in tricky situations. However you can’t simply do whatever feels right in the heat of the moment. Instead let the heat calm down. Then think with a calm head. Can there be a way around? What will be the best approach ahead? Then act. But how long should you wait, that depends on how important the matter is, something require 10 minutes while others might take 1-2 days.

These are 2 super important skills for every founder. A calm head makes you a good leader.


Centeredness & Process. //Day 1453

Centeredness and Process are somewhat similar concepts. Both aim to make you focus on what you can control and not be affected by outside factors.

If you’re Centered you’re very strong emotionally. Nothing shakes you. Similarly when you stick to the process, the results don’t distract you.

Centeredness & Process are 2 things you should strive for, everything else will fall in place. Hold your center.


Work compounds. //Day 1452

If you’re working in the right direction, then you can build upon your existing work. This means the more you work, the more you can build upon.

In this way getting results gets easier as you keep working on the right things.

More work commands more trust which attracts higher quality work. It compounds overtime.


Morning peace of mind. //Day 1451

The mornings have some special energy about them. There’s calm, serenity, and peace of mind.

Everything is a lot clearer in the morning. Everything is slow and soothing. Nothing seems to be in a rush.

Love this totally. Early mornings will make you a better person, just make sure to put yourself in early morning breeze, and watch the sunrise. It’s magical to say the least.


Live while you live. //Day 1450

This is a milestone blog. 1450 blogs in 1450 days. This is fun!

Now to today’s topic. You gotta live while you live. Because you don’t die until you die. But one day you will.

So make the most of what you’ve now. Play this game. Enjoy it, live it. See what you can make of this while it’s ON.


Try to overlook things. //Day 1449

This is one golden advice for someone struggling with anger. If your anger is often because of others mistakes, then you just need to start overlooking things.

You can’t make the world operate as per you. So acceptance is the only way.

Everyone makes mistakes. Even you do. Nobody’s perfect, so just accept and move on. This is the secret to overcoming anger and living happily.