Daily Blogs✍️

CRM. //Day 1705

Lately I’ve realized the importance of CRM, it’s a relationship management tool. This is not just important in professional world but also in our personal lives.

Relationships are like plants. You don’t take care of them, they’ll die.

CRM is a great tool to make sure you remember to nurture your relationships. I’ve started using one. Trying to get into the habit of using it.


Keep trying. //Day 1704

One sure shot way to get anything is to keep trying. Most people quit early. Give up early. Very few keep trying.

The ones who do increase their chances of winning as everyone else is giving up.

All you gotta do is keep trying.


Keep at it. //Day 1703

All days aren’t the same. Some days are better, some days not so much. But everyday you’ve to keep going.

Choose the right direction and keep moving forward. Somedays you’ll cover a lot of distance, on others not so much but you’ll still move forward.

Just keep at it. One day you’ll reach your destination.


Get your A game. //Day 1702

The world is full of opportunities. All you’ve to do is get your A game and act on those opportunities.

Noone has to give you an opportunity. You can simply create or find your own.

It’s not that difficult. You’ll find it. Keep looking!


Did my bit. //Day 1701

Today was a doing enough kind of day. I worked out. Did some work got some sun. And spent time with family.

Wasn’t great but it was enough. I’m fine with days where I do barely enough. I want to do a lot but I’m fine with a bit.

Today I did my bit.


We keep moving. //Day 1700

This is day 1700 of this daily writing streak. My daily blogs aren’t as good as they used to be. They’re ver imperfect. Sometimes maybe even incomplete. But I still continue to write them.

These days technology is so advanced that original writing is hard to decipher from what AI has written. But not in my case. My writing is far worse than AI so you know it’s me.

That’s what special about this blog. It’s me. Myself. What’s going on in my head. All of it is written here. 1700 strong. We keep moving!


Watching this man strive. //Day 1699

Everyday I wake up and see this man strive. To get what he wants. Everything he dreams of. He goes after it. Everyday.

Win or lose. He does it everyday. That’s what I like about him. He doesn’t stop. He keeps going.

I’m that person and I’m incredibly proud of myself. I’ve a long way to go, I bet we’ll get there. In time.


Hunger. //Day 1698

Your hunger and food are correlated. Of course they’re correlated. But I’m talking about a different type of correlation.

Let’s say you’re hungry and you get your favorite food. You’ll eat more than you need. But if you get something you don’t like much. You’ll probably just eat as much as you need. But if you get something you don’t like. Then you won’t even eat as much as you need but just enough to postpone your hunger.

This is just an observation I wanted to share.


Do you like this person? //Day 1697

A question that I ask myself regularly. Do I like this person? It’s a litmus test for if I’m doing good or not.

Right now, the answer to that question is no. I am so much better than this. I need to unleash myself. Be the best version.

That’s what I’m after. To get lala to play.


Do better. //Day 1696

You’ve to always keep learning. Keep trying to do better. Everyday.

It’s a life long pursuit. There’s so much good in that. That’s a purpose in itself. To show up with the best of you everyday.

That’s what I’m trying to do.