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The lack of ideas (micro-blog)

At the time of writing this I was searching for a good idea/topic to write on but I found none. So I thought why not make this “lack of ideas”, the topic of my micro blog.

This brings us to the question- Is emptiness truly empty? Like you can say that a glass is empty but there are people who can write books on what’s inside an empty glass. I mean the glass obviously has air in it but there are people who can really dwell into emptiness and take out what they want.

I constantly suffer from a lack of ideas for my micro blogs but this time I thought this lack of ideas is worthy of being documented. This lack of ideas is more dear to me than any idea. This comes back to me over and over and over again. It loves me more than any idea. So I decided to show some love back and dedicate this micro blog to the lack of ideas.

Congratulations you have just finished reading something which had no idea.

But is “lack of ideas” not worthy enough of being put to words?


Right or wrong (micro-blog)

I find this really interesting. What is right and what is wrong?

We always tend to believe that what we think to be right is right. What we think is based on what we know. So, can we say that a person who knows more than us is more right than us because he has more knowledge to back his judgement.

Another thing I’ve observed is- what the majority believes to be right is right. This is followed even in democracy. But is the majority always right? Remember the last US elections. I think you got your answer.

Or there is a third scenario where none of us know-what is right and what is wrong. This keeps us in a state of debate and argument.

I prefer to believe in the third scenario as it helps avoid creation of any blind spots and facilitates meaningful conversations.

Like I believe this micro blog is right. So tell me if you think it’s wrong or has some blindspots.

Let’s be in the third scenario.


Ask for what you want (micro blog)

How often do you want something and you take the courage to ask for it?

In reality, we rarely ask for what we want.

We just keep wishing that one day that thing will come to us on it’s ownself but this rarely happens.

Today, when there are so many wants all around-it’s extremely important to ask for what you wish for.

This has emmense power. People are so willing to give, it’s just about making them know that you need something.

India’s last to last international football game was seen by a mere 2,300 people in the ground. Then, the captain of Indian football team made an open appeal for everyone to support and guess what- the Indian team was greeted with a jam packed stadium in its game on June 4. Not only this, the tickets for the next 2 matches are also sold out.

You see the power of asking. Imagine had the captain not made such an appeal,would this still be possible. It is extremely important to let the other party know what you want.

This works in every domain- whether you are a student telling your teacher what way you like to be taught or you are a businessman telling your partner what you expect out of the deal or you are in a relationship telling your partner how you like to be treated.

It’s of no use to be secretly greedy, go out and tell people what you want and why you want.

There is so much noise in this world, the loudest in staking claim is often the person who wins the game.


Insecure men in public transport (micro-blog)

If you don’t feel insecure in public transport then I doubt if you come in the category of men. Men are extremely vulnerable in public transport, they just don’t know when a lady will pop up from nowhere and expect them to leave their seat as a sign of gratitude and “respect for the other gender”.

Women already have their seats reserved but some don’t really care-they just go and sit on a neutral seat when there is a vacant reserved seat. Most don’t get what’s the issue with this. So imagine there are 2 seats vacant in a bus – one of them is neutral and the other is reserved for women. Now , a lady enters and conveniently sits on the seat near to her which happens to be a neutral seat.Just following her-enters a male, now even though there is a seat available-he keeps standing because he doesn’t want to feel awkward when all standing females look at him as he is doing something offensive. No matter what, he will be asked to get up on the next stop by some woman. You see this man could have easily got a “secure” neutral seat had that lady walked 5 extra steps to go to a reserved seat.

To the women reading this, I want to tell you that- We respect you but please for god’s sake-fill your reserved seats first before jumping on neutral seats.

Even though we are considered the stronger gender (idk y) but our legs do hurt after a period of time.

We need your sympathy else we are literally getting tired of respecting you


Is it right to “force” our kids into something that itself is not up to the mark? (Micro-blog)

Parents often do tell their children to study “hard”.Which is understandable to some extent as 1. They’ve put their resources on their children and there is nothing wrong in seeking return on investment. 2. They believe education is the be all,end all. In other words they believe that formal education is the sole determinant of their child’s success.

While I agree with the 1st reason, I sincerely disagree and condemn the 2nd reason. Formal education can be a part of life but not life itself. Let your children explore this world. Why force them into something that itself isn’t upto the mark.

I personally am fortunate that my parents never “forced” me to study “hard”. Never did my parents scold me for what I scored in academics. They always told me that I’m different and treated me like I was special. I feel this specialness even today. This specialness gives me the courage to try new things. It encourages me to explore the unexplored.

If you are a parent reading this or if you are a child reading this then ensure you get your parents to read this. I want to tell them that doing well in academics may/may not fetch your child success but making them feel special surely will.

If you really want to give your child something-give this feeling of specialness,uniqueness. Make your child believe they are the best no matter how they fare academically. If you get this right, you’ll be setting your child up for success.


Playing outdoors-A thing of the past? (Micro-blog)

Isn’t it extremely hard these days to find time, opportunity and place to play an outdoor game?

First let’s talk about time, a teenager these days is reduced to a shuttle between a pair of badmintons ( tution centre and school ) .

Parents themselves aren’t concerned about their child’s physical activity.

Talking about opportunity, with such mindset of parents-children have found peace with smartphone games like pubg.

They are happy with “Winner winner chicken dinner” flashing on their screens.

But is there availability of land to play an outdoor sport- I seriously doubt this. With rapid urbanization and metro stations all around us. The government has conveniently bartered our playing spaces for urbanization.

Lack of physical activity in growth years can significantly impact proper body development.

Is walking to tution centres the only physical activity left for us?


Distractions are good in times of suffering (micro blog)

Sounds insane, doesn’t it? But I’ve observed that distractions help me when I’m not at my best.

Distractions give me an opportunity to forget about my suffering or pain and get indulged in something different.

The good thing about distractions is they don’t hold your attention forever. So, you can get distracted, change your mood, start working again.

Whenever I’m struggling with getting things done-I try and get myself distracted. It helps me start a fresh on solving my problem. It gives me a fresh state of mind.

Don’t confuse me for saying “Distractions are good”. They are only good when you need an uncluttered mind to get the best out of you.

Distractions are like dusters on the blackboard of your mind. Use it only when you feel what’s already written isn’t of any use.

So get distracted the next time you feel stuck


Are newspapers worth reading? (Micro-blog)

In times of fake and paid media. Should we still take out time for reading news?

When political parties are selling their propaganda through news articles and advertisements.

Media has always had a huge impact on what stance we take on any particular issue. The facts they present is what we base our opinion on.

Isn’t this dangerous? When media controls what you get to know on any issue.

Isn’t this a serious threat to our democracy?

Media gives full attention to election rallies while ignoring the ground reality.

They never miss a single PM rally. But ever did they tell you that they charge political parties for showing their election rallies live.

This is a really unfortunate time for journalism. A time when news is not what you should know about but what they are paid to tell you about.

The question here is:

Is journalism dead or are we still in the process?


Frequent divorces in the west (micro-blog)

Have you ever wondered as to why divorces are so common in the western countries?

After giving it a serious thought, I figured out that western couples prioritise love over marriage while it is the reverse in countries like India.

Western couples end their relationship just when they think that it’s turned into a liability.

This can also be interpreted as lack of understanding and negotiation skills of the western people.

They don’t marry to take it as long as their lives.They are very much at peace with the idea of divorce.

Also, their weddings aren’t as expensive as big fat Indian weddings. So divorces don’t mean a financial hit for them.

Will your marriage last until love or life?


The meaningless “😂” (micro-blog)

How often do you use 😂 in your conversations?

How many times are tears actually rolling down your cheeks due to laughing?

Let’s accept it, we overuse 😂 while totally ignoring 🙂☺😀😁-these poor emojis

We use 😂 when our face actually looks like😐

Emojis have lost their worth, are words next?