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Are newspapers worth reading? (Micro-blog)

In times of fake and paid media. Should we still take out time for reading news?

When political parties are selling their propaganda through news articles and advertisements.

Media has always had a huge impact on what stance we take on any particular issue. The facts they present is what we base our opinion on.

Isn’t this dangerous? When media controls what you get to know on any issue.

Isn’t this a serious threat to our democracy?

Media gives full attention to election rallies while ignoring the ground reality.

They never miss a single PM rally. But ever did they tell you that they charge political parties for showing their election rallies live.

This is a really unfortunate time for journalism. A time when news is not what you should know about but what they are paid to tell you about.

The question here is:

Is journalism dead or are we still in the process?


Frequent divorces in the west (micro-blog)

Have you ever wondered as to why divorces are so common in the western countries?

After giving it a serious thought, I figured out that western couples prioritise love over marriage while it is the reverse in countries like India.

Western couples end their relationship just when they think that it’s turned into a liability.

This can also be interpreted as lack of understanding and negotiation skills of the western people.

They don’t marry to take it as long as their lives.They are very much at peace with the idea of divorce.

Also, their weddings aren’t as expensive as big fat Indian weddings. So divorces don’t mean a financial hit for them.

Will your marriage last until love or life?


The meaningless “😂” (micro-blog)

How often do you use 😂 in your conversations?

How many times are tears actually rolling down your cheeks due to laughing?

Let’s accept it, we overuse 😂 while totally ignoring 🙂☺😀😁-these poor emojis

We use 😂 when our face actually looks like😐

Emojis have lost their worth, are words next?


Validation (micro-blog)

Have you ever wondered- why are these social media apps so addictive?

This is because these social apps give us much needed validation. The likes, the follows , the comments all of them make us feel good.

But why are we so craving for validation?

It’s because this is what was taught to us eversince childhood. Our parents made sure we look our best when we go out or even when there’s a guest coming home.

Is validation important?

In my view, it is but only till the time it’s logical. If you dress better for a party, the host will feel good. The next time he/she throws a party, you are assured of an invitation (and free food ;). But if you had not dressed well for party then the host may doubt inviting you to his next.

Seeking validation is so often confused with doing things one would not normally do. This can be seen in peer validation. Some go out of the way to get validation from their group of friends. This validation can be illogical and harmful even.

So, go seek validation, the one that gets you free food, not the one that gets you fake friends.


Formality in education (micro-blog)

When was the last time you researched and made your holidays assignment all by yourself, without copying or totally outsourcing it to someone else.

When was the last time your teacher did something beyond expectation to get you to understand a concept better.

Do you recall your teacher fretting more over finishing the syllabus on time without caring for student’s understanding.

Do you recall using apps like Meritnation to do your tution homework

In all the above cases we are treating education like a formality

The focus of all the stakeholders in the present system is not learning but achieving good scores

What else do we expect from a system called “formal education”

But the more important question here is-

Can we afford to give learning a back seat ?


Respecting different opinions (micro-blog)

In the internet age, it is quite normal to be confronted with opposing opinions. There will always be people who have a different opinion than yours and they feel very strongly about it.

What should I do with them?

Should I try and convince them that my opinion is right and theirs is wrong OR should I simply respect their opinion while holding firm of mine

What I do is, first I try and indulge in an meaningful conversation with them ,this helps me understand the opposing perspective better. I try to give them good logic as to why I think my opinion is right.

But if I find that the other person is sort of obsessed with his/her opinion (which is fine, even I’m obsessed with some of my opinions). However good a logic I may give, it won’t bring much change to his/her opinion. At this moment I tell the other person that I respect their opinion while holding onto mine.

So if you hate this micro-blog post

“I respect your opinion” 😉


Is there still a superior species than us? (Micro-blog)

Does a species which is far better than us simultaneously exist with us without us knowing? Or maybe a species which lives in a higher world, a world of which we have no clue about.

Are we all just characters of a game which someone else is playing.

A game that even has cheatcodes like “corruption”. Is our life stored in giga-bites on the computer of one from the higher species.

Is there someone, when we die, his/her screen flashes “GAME OVER”


The funny part of politics (micro-blog)

The most funny part of politics is that it allows political parties to set their own exam papers (by making promises in their manifesto).Now all different parties try and tell people that the questions in their manifesto is what they want answers to the most.

After a party gets elected, it takes a route of its own and doesn’t like to be reminded that they had set a question paper for their ownself which they need to answer.

Fast forward 5 more years and the same party now stands in front of people,this time telling them that they were writing the answers just when the invigilator snatched the paper.

Now, they cry and ask you to give the answer sheet back so that they can complete their answers .The funniest part is we do give them the answer sheet back (more often than not) as we are at the lack of options.


Non-veg debate-Would we like to be eaten? (Micro-blog)

The non-veg debate is one which never ends. People on both sides of the table have good arguments to back their stance.

But for once I want you to look at this issue from this angle : Would we like to be eaten?

God has been super kind to us by making us the most intelligent species on planet. Imagine if there still existed a species like the Dinosaurs,would we not be a mere part of their sausages.

Is it right on our part to exploit our supremecy by eating away less intelligent species?


The Best Marketers- Vegetable Vendors (micro blog)

Yesterday I went to the local vegetable market. Tomatoes is what I was looking for. I found out that the market rate for tomatoes is ₹15/kg. I heard a vendor shouting 5 per kg. I immediately went to this vendor without a second thought. I found out that those tomatoes were in a very bad condition. Just when I was about to get disinterested,the vendor told me that he has another lot of tomatoes on the other side of the cart that he is selling for ₹10/kg. Now these ₹10/kg tomatoes,although smaller in size,looked good to me.I bought these ₹10/kg tomatoes.

Now let’s see the marketing tactics of this vendor:-

He shouted ₹5/kg just to grab attention. He knew that noone would be interested in 5 per kg as their condition was really bad. But now that he had my attention because of ₹5/kg,he told me that he has ₹10/kg tomatoes as well which was again lower than the market price. I asked him-“Why aren’t you shouting ₹10/kg instead? to which he candidly replied “₹5 rupee per kg sounds better”

The vendor used a different product to get me to his cart and sold me exactly what I was looking for.

What sounds good, sells good !