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Love doesn’t hold you back (micro blog)

This is a misconception I myself have had that love holds one back from achieving his/her goals.

I always believed that being emotionally attached to a person-say your family members limits one in some way or the other.

But this turns out to be nothing more than a misconception. Love or affection can only throttle you to achieve better things. It has the power to change the person that you are for the better.

Thinking of it as a limitation is totally your problem. None of your loved ones want to limit you in any way.

Rather these are the people whom you could think of when you’ve fallen to get back up again and fight.

Being loved gives me a sense of belongingness. This makes me feel that there are people who’ll back me regardless of the situation.

Your goals are to be sought after by you not the ones who love you.

They can surely help you go through the difficulties you face along the way.

But it is you who’ll have to go after your dreams and the only thing that can limit you is your ownself.


Your attention costs money (micro blog)

Yesterday I went to a supermarket with my father. There was a man who was salesperson for a new tea company. He offered tea to my father and he accepted the offer.

But little did my father know that by accepting the tea, he essentially gave his valuable attention in exchange for tea.

Now that he has tea in his hand, he is left with no option but to listen to the salesperson. He obviously can’t just walk around the supermarket sipping tea.

I observed that now that he had finished his tea, he was still listening to the salesperson as he felt indebted.

And guess what we ended up buying tea of an unknown brand.

So you see, the free tea was the bait and once you go for it- you are trapped.

Even an average salesperson would make a sale once you’ve fallen for this bait.

Never accept things for free. Nothing in this world comes without pay.

“Free” is just another bait, don’t be a mouse.


Generation gap and respect (micro blog)

So generation gap is a well known reason for the conflicts between parents and their children.

This is because the experiences our parents had are very different to what we are experiencing right now.

This leads to different mindsets and perceptions.

When we are young, we accept that yes our parents know more than us and this keeps the relation healthy. But as we grow older, we start feeling that we know enough and don’t need any interference from our parents.

This is the time when complications start in the parent-child relation.

But how do we tackle this or prevent this from happening to any of us.

Afterall we all love our parents

So the fix is:

Respecting their opinion and trying to respectfully put your point forward.

Why respectfully when they are wrong?

Cuz they corrected you when you were wrong.

So respect and control are the key to happy parent-child relation.

Do you follow this?

Or lemme ask

How often do you shout at your parents?

Most of you would think-what kind of question is that but go ask your parents, they’ll tell you.


Why be excited? (micro blog)

The results almost always take the other route than on which I’m standing. Getting the desired results is such a rarity.

This leads me to a question:

Should I be excited about anything?

There is always that element uncertainty. You never know if the thing you’re excited about will happen or happen the way you want it to.

The only other thing besides expectations is excitement. I hate expectations, they lead to stress and worry. I am starting to have same feelings towards excitement. I don’t want to be excited about anything until it actually happens.

It doesn’t feel good when your excitement is crushed which it often is.

So why be excited?


When do you sleep? (micro-blog)

My sleep schedule is a total mess these days. I sleep when my smartphone’s battery goes off. This is how ridiculous it is.

Although I try and delibrately ensure that I get minimum required sleep but it’s difficult.

I go to sleep late and wake up early. Who does that?

But I realise that this is because my effectiveness is increased in the late night and early morning hours. I get a lot done during this time .

The world is asleep which allows me to do deep work. Like writing micro blogs.

A lot of thinking goes into producing atleast 1 micro blog per day and you can’t achieve this in a noisy world.

For me, the afternoon is the time to sleep.

Isn’t that amazing?

That’s the liberty you get when you work for yourself. The ability to choose your working hours.


My pain doesn’t hurt me as much as yours (micro blog)

I think I have lived enough to deal with my pains, my problems. I can handle all of my worries and insecurities.

But I can’t see my loved ones in pain. Maybe I’ll need to live for another 1000 years to handle my loved ones’ pain.

I don’t get hurt when I face a setback but it kills me when I see my loved one crying.

Although I myself feel crying is not bad but I can’t just see my people in pain.

This leads to this question:

Am I more of someone else than my ownself?

The things I go through don’t affect me as much as what my people go through.

I actually don’t work for myself. I work to make my parents proud. I work to make my sis feel that she made projects for the right person.

I work to make my grandpa see from birdsview that he gave me the right values.

I am not me, I am them.

I am bacause they are.

I am less of me and more of them.

I love you my people.


The exchange of value (micro-blog)

This is the exchange which takes place in every relationship you have whether professional or personal.

If you give 10 and expect a 100 then sorry it’s not working and the relationship won’t last long. If one person is doing all it takes maintain a healthy relationship while the other is taking it for granted then it won’t last long.

I personally go out of my way to ensure an existing relation remains forever, it may be a professional relation or personal. This really helps me a lot. People help me without a pay cuz they believe in the person I’m .

The golden rule for any relationship has to be “give more than the other person expects”. I practice this on a day to day basis and if I don’t see a just reciprocation of my effort into it then I seriously consider taking it any further.

I can only be related to people who deserve and value my 200%.


Kids are so divine (micro blog)

At the time of writing this I’m listening to music with my 4 yr old brother and how amazing does it feel to be close to such pure souls.

Why am I not so genuine to people. Like he just told me that I listen to shit music, probably he has a better taste.

Why do I think a thousand times before opening my mouth. This man sitting just next to me doesn’t give a fuck.

He is almost always more enthusiastic than me. Ask him to jump a 1000 times for no reason and he’ll be all in.

Oh and he doesn’t know any logic. This helps him live life to the fullest.

I want to be like him. Illogical and enthusiastic for no reason.

I’m scared for him. I hope he doesn’t grow up to be a person like me.


I’m addicted but I don’t mind (micro-blog)

Yes, I’m addicted and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m addicted to the internet.

What’s wrong in being addicted to something that comprises the world in itself. It can give you what you want in seconds.

I use my smartphone so many times a day. I can safely call it an addiction. But is this addiction bad?

In my view, it’s not. I get to learn so much from it. It connects me to people whom I could only dream to talk.

Internet is such an enabler. If you have enough money to buy an internet pack then please don’t call yourself deprived. But yes you need to be wise enough to use it wisely.

It’s very important to see what you are addicted to and why.

If you can figure this out then go be addicted.

Addictions aren’t always bad.


Water is so under-appreciated (micro-blog)

When was the last time you had water? Recently right and when was the last time you appreciated water? Ah I don’t remember

We don’t appreciate water enough as it’s available to us whenever we require it. We feel thirsty-we drink water,simple.

There are people in life who are like water, they are very much available when we require them and so we don’t value them enough.

And just like we can’t live without water, we won’t be able to live without these people.

So go appreciate your water right now (both literal and metamorphical water)