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The intimate relationship between politicians and media houses (micro blog)

Ok let me ask you- “What’s the role of media?”

Your answer would look something like “To keep us informed”. Media does just that- it keeps you informed but what it also does is, it chooses what to tell you and what not to.

Media channels never miss a single PM rally (even if majority of his speech is just “bhaiyon behnoo”). Can’t we use this time productively and check if the people who’ve collected to listen to our PM are genuine or not.

Can’t we use this time to indulge in a constructive debate on an issue of national importance.

I don’t know how many of you have noticed this- news channels show less of news and more of ads. You know why this is so, because political parties don’t directly put money into media houses mouth.

They take the indirect approach. They pay companies supporting their propaganda, then these companies pay this huge money to media houses to buy ads on them. Now you know why Patanjali ads are all over the place.

This is the safe way of playing this dirty game. Noone gets caught. Everything is legal. Everyone is getting something- media houses get money and offer political parties publicity in exchange.

The only person who loses out in this whole process is you.


How to be un-understandable? (Micro blog)

Um this sounds interesting. Doesn’t it.

How can one be un-understandable?

There are 2 ways that I can think of-

1. You are genetically un-understandable or born un-understandable

2. You put in some effort to be un-understandable

The first one doesn’t need any explaination. Let’s talk about the second one. What kind of effort should one put to be un-understandable?

The answer- One should try to do things that are never expected out of them. By doing things that would take others by surprise.

Like stop talking to your best friend all of a sudden, without any reason.

This would make you un-understandable to your friend.

Sounds insane, right?

But that’s exactly our goal, to do illogical things.

Happy un-understandable life!


PS. I don’t endorse being un-understandable.

What came first? – hen/egg (micro blog)

In my opinion, the egg came first. But then how did this egg come into existence. Ah that’s so obvious, because of a hen. And how did this hen come into existence? Because of an egg.

So you get your answer-yes the egg came first 😂

Ok sorry, sarcasm aside

Let’s check some facts-

“So in a nutshell (or an eggshell, if you like), two birds that weren’t really chickens created a chicken egg, and hence, we have an answer: The egg came first, and then it hatched a chicken. Maybe the question we should be asking is: Which came first, the proto-chicken or the proto-chicken egg?” (Source- mnn.com)

Now you see, I was right

The egg came first


Love or hate (micro blog)

If you ask what do I seek? Love

If you ask what I love? Hate

What this means is I want you to love me but I’m more than fine if you hate me. I want you to love what I do, love what I stand for, basically every aspect of me.

But I love being hated too. Hate is stronger than love. It spreads faster than love. There are more people bitching about someone than there are people highlighting the good in these them.

Now if you ask me to choose 1 from the 2.

I’ll choose hate (wrt profession) as it’ll make more people get to know of what I’m . Although this will be negative publicity. But if I’m as good as I’m then I’m certain I’ll change their opinion.

Personally I ofcourse prefer love

So hate me or love me

I love you


Habits are more difficult to remove than to form (micro blog)

I always searched for ways to put in good habits into me. I even managed to pick up some good habits like writing one blog everyday. It isn’t easy to pick up and then keep up a habit.

But you know it’s even more difficult to remove a habit. Like I was obsessed with my pillow. I did not use any other pillow than mine. But now I figured out that it is better to sleep without a pillow.

So it’s been a few days that I’ve been trying to remove this habit of taking a pillow. I go to sleep without a pillow. But now it is really difficult for me to fall asleep.

More often than not, I take a pillow half way through the night. So as to ensure that I get the sufficient amount of sleep.

I don’t want to take a pillow but it is ridiculously difficult for me to sleep without a pillow.

So removing a habit is far more difficult than forming one.

What habit do you want to remove?


Letting go (micro blog)

It’s been quite a while that I’ve been thinking about this. When should I hold firm and when should I let go.

There are times when I get too attached to a person or thing that I never want to let them go.

But then I ask is myself- is holding firm actually the right thing to do or am I just being emotional about it.

Like my mum was about to throw off my old diary as it was all filled up. But little did she know that that diary has my thoughts, my feelings penned in them.

So I didn’t let her throw it off. But now I think I myself don’t open that diary anymore then why keep it. Why not let it go.

The diary must be feeling bored-sitting in cupboard for so long. It deserves to be opened. It needs to better know this world. It sure doesn’t want to be with me anymore.

So I’ve decided to let go of that diary. I know it will be difficult for me and for the diary even as now it will have to go through the rough process of recycling.

But I’m optimistic, at the end of all this it will again be converted to a new dairy.

I just hope it finds a writer as good as me.


Corruption is good (micro blog)

Whaaaat? Corruption is evil. How can corruption be good?

Well corruption is good to me. It is the easier and cheaper way out. Like I was about to get challaned for not wearing the seat belt. My father gave the cop ¼th of the challan amount and we were let off.

You see we saved money and time. I’m not advocating breaking rules. I’m just saying that curruption is the easier way out.

Like we needed to get permit to do construction in an unauthorised place, cops constantly kept annoying us but then we bribed them and no one said a word thereafter.

Ok so now that you already hate me for giving into corruption. You need to understand that even the politicians who handle our tax money are currupt.

So even if I paid the full challan then that money would most probably end in a politician’s mattress.

I see no wrong in spending our money wisely.

What is your opinion about corruption?


Earning money vs earning a name (micro blog)

Earning money is a necessity to survive. No one can buy food and clothes without money. But is money all one needs to earn.

I believe earning a name/respect in the society is equally important. Do people respect you for what you do? Is there any uniqueness in what you do? Are people excited about you? Are people willing to support you for something?

If the answer to all of these is yes then congrats champ! you are in the process of earning a name in the society.

This hit me when our school principal walked into our class to talk to us about money. She told us that it is incredibly easy to earn money these days, if you have it in you then show me by earning a name because that’s what is difficult.

That day I decided that I will always try to do things which others are scared of doing. This would give me uniqueness and hence a name in society in the long run.

What makes you unique?

How do you plan to earn a name?


Milestone (50th micro blog)

Everyone has goals. Like you may want to top your class or get into a good college or get your dream job.

But milestones are somewhat different from goals. Milestones are achieved on the way of achieving your goals.

Milestones are like checkpoints on the way to your destination (goal). Today we’ve reached one such checkpoint. We have completed 50 micro blogs in 50 days.

You must be wondering why am I using “we” instead of “I”. This is because it would not have been possible without you.

If you didn’t critically rate my blogs everyday, if you didn’t put your perspective forward , if you didn’t give me ideas to write on- we wouldn’t be standing here.

50 is just the first checkpoint. There are many to come.

But what’s the destination you ask

We don’t have a destination, we’re here for these checkpoints.

So let’s celebrate each milestone as if we reached our goal.

Thank you for everything

With love


Why “I do give a fuck” for what people say? (micro blog)

There are quotes on Instagram which say “You should not give a fuck for others opinion about you” but I don’t believe this.

I believe that to be of any value to anyone, you need to care for what they think of you.

Like I constantly try to seek feedback on these micro blogs from you. It is because I’m not writing these for my own self. I’m writing for you. I need to know what opinion you have about my blogs in order to serve better blogs in future.

If I just kept writing about whatever topic I like or just my interests then there is a high possibility that you would not be interested.

I do give a fuck for whether you love or hate me.

I value your opinion and about me.

I try to get your opinion close to my opinion about myself.

But your opinion will always be supreme to me regardless of what I think of myself.