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What if it was possible to back in time? (micro blog)

I wish this was possible. I would have gone to the good old days when no one expected anything out of me, everyone pampered me for no reason whatsoever.

Life is difficult now, there are expectations all around. I want to come good on them all but then I fail in most of all.

When I was small I didn’t need to prove my worth, but now this is a competetive world. Even if I do something great, people will say it’s just my fate. But when I fall, it’s all my fault.

I want to love all. I don’t want to compete. I want everyone to win. But is this possible now, sadly no. I can’t love all, can’t be out of competetion, can’t make everyone win.

In present, I’m so selfish

I want to go to that past where none of these things bothered me.

The time when I could cry in front of everyone.

The time my family lingered around me all the time.

The time when I could pee on bed and sleep on it.

I want to go back to that carefree me.

Someone please take me there..


What’s more difficult- Asking for favours or saying no?

Asking for favours is really difficult. I feel so soo awkward while asking for any favour.

Whenever I’ve to ask for a favour, this is how it goes-

“Can you do me a favour?

It’s totally fine if you don’t do it

I know I’m being extremely greedy

But I’ll be grateful for life”

And the other person is like

“Ok but can I know what favour do you want. Do you want me to kill someone or what?”

So this is how awkward I get while asking for something.

But I’ve noticed that when I make the effort to ask for a favour, people are more than likely to help.

This is not always because they want to help. It is more often because saying no to a request is as difficult as asking for something.

Most help me, not because they want to but because they can’t say no on my face.

They think it would hurt me if they say no.

So ask for favours because people don’t like saying no.

Now, let me ask for a favour from you-

please rate this micro blog and let me know how did you like this blog.


Is criticism good or bad? (micro blog)

Good, um no bad, nonono good.

Ok let us go a bit deep to find the answer to this question.

Whenever we are faced with criticism, the thing that matters is how is it received.

How is it received depends on what opinion do we have of the person criticising us.

We look for 2 qualities in the person criticising:

1. Is he/she good enough to criticize?

2. Does he/she really want me to get better or is just here to spread negativity?

If the answer to both these questions is yes then it is good criticism and deserves to be paid heed.

If the answer to even one of these is no. Then it is best to do what you think is right.

So, criticism can be good or bad. It all depends who is criticising.

You need to judge for yourself which criticism is good and which is bad.

But one thing is for sure- criticism whether good or bad should be received with both arms.

This is the reason why I tell you to rate me bad on the days you don’t like my blog.

I’m grateful for your criticism.


Salad is disturbance in main course (micro blog)

My parents always forced me to eat salad along my meal. I really don’t understand why.

They say it’s good for health.

But salad vegetables are very low on nutrition.

In fact, four of the five lowest-ranking foods are salad ingredients: cucumbers, radishes, lettuce and celery.

Ok let’s keep the nutritional value on the side. Salad vegetables don’t even do justice to the price they come for. Cucumber is presently priced at ₹40/kg while being extremely low on nutrition. You can buy 1 kg potato and 1 kg onion using the same amount.

Salad’s main role was to add crunch to the meal. But now households have come to believe it to be an essential part of the meal, which it is not.

Paying that price just to add crunch to my meal doesn’t seem right to me.

Salad is just a disturbance on the main course.

So next time let cucumber be and focus on the biryani.


Importance of being fake (micro blog)

Yes, being fake is important these days.

You can’t walk up to your boss and say

“Hey, I hate you”

You just can’t do this because that’s the person who’ll determine your growth in a company.

Or if you are a student. Can you walk up to your teacher and call her by the name you use for her when she’s not there.

No, you just can’t.

In today’s world you can’t be real. It’s almost impossible.

You need to act as per the person and his/her importance to you.

If you don’t then you risk your friends/relatives/collegues.Things can really get messy and difficult if one starts being real and truthful.

Fake is what today’s world is accustomed to.

So the bottom line has to be “Be real to the people who really matter (inner family) and fake to the rest”

Afterall fake isn’t all that bad.


Should we feel guilty for cheating in exams? (micro blog)

No. Not. At. All.

Eversince childhood it was coded into my head that cheating in exams in unethical. It was considered morally incorrect. The invigilator constantly kept threatening the students that the paper will get cancelled if one is caught cheating.

But as time went by I got to know that in the real world I was allowed to “cheat”. If I wanted to know something, I could simply Google.

I was fucking surprised that the real world is easier to live in when compared to an examination hall.

What fun do teachers and authorities get in assuming that internet never happened. Is rote learning so important a skill that we have to assume the non existence of Google.

Why does the education system not embrace the internet? It is because the authorities know that if they do so then the internet would completely replace the traditional education system.

Cheating isn’t morally incorrect. The system has made it so for its own sake.

The next time you start writing an examination, write it on the very top

“Let internet be non-existent”


Is democracy the right way to elect the Prime Minister? (micro blog)

Firstly, we need to understand that we never elect the PM of a country. We just elect our local representative.

It is unfortunate for our democracy that people vote looking at the PM/CM candidate of a party. While the right approach is to look at the local candidates for MP/MLA seat and then see who among them can fulfill our demands.

The thing that most of us don’t understand is that the Prime Minister will not fix your local sewage. He can only look after things of national interest.

Voting for the desired Prime Minister is the single point of failure of our democracy. It is because of one face (say Narendra Modi) that we unknowingly elect criminals to the parliament.

So democracy is not the way to elect Prime Minister. Democracy is for you to elect your local representative, the person who will directly be accountable to you.

Now the next time you vote- don’t vote for a party or the PM/CM candidate. Vote for the best MP/MLA candidate from your constituency.

Only then will we be able to reap the benefits of a democracy.


Should we give in to fads? (micro blog)

Firstly, what is a fad?

A fad is an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something.

For eg: fidget spinners, spiked hair, games like Pokemon Go and PUBG.

Fads are emmencely compelling to fall into. Like if your friend has a fidget spinner and there are 5 other people you know who have fidget spinners then it is really difficult to not buy a fidget spinner for your ownself.

But should we resist fads?

If you value your time then yes. Buying into something just because everyone else is while you don’t feel a need for it isn’t right according to me.

Sporting spiked hair because it’s the new cool while not taking care of your own identity is not right.

I’m so proud of the fact that I never even tried my hand at games like Pokemon Go and PUBG while there were so many around me caught up with them.

Fads are for people who have plenty of time and money to waste.

I don’t have plenty of either

Do you?


Should we go to college? (micro blog)

Before we answer this. Let us first answer-why do we go to college?

To gain knowledge, exposure, degree.

So firstly let’s talk about knowledge. Don’t you think the internet has far more amount of knowledge than any of your syllabus books. The problem here is most don’t know where to find the right knowledge on the internet cuz it’s so vast. I believe it would be better if we spend our time learning where to find information on the internet than to go to a place to listen to the very same people everyday.

Now exposure, I have seen that most high schoolers actually don’t know how to get exposure for their ownself, so they depend on college to do this for them. This I think colleges can handle a lot better than any individual.

Lastly degree (validation), the most important document in a student’s life. If I had an option I would simply buy a degree (tell me if you know someone). This is something only a college (or a dealer) can give you.

So these were the 3 main things for which one goes to college.

But the money, time, energy requirements of going to a college don’t do justice to what it has to offer.

If you ask me that would I like to go to a place where there are 1000s like me who are all being processed the same way to be converted to the same output.

Then I’m sorry I’m out.


Feminism or equalism (micro blog)

Firstly what’s feminism?

“The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” This is what Google tells us.

But feminism has the word female inscribed in it. While what we seek is equality. So would it not be better if we call it equalism?

No and yes.

No, we should not call it equalism because it is the general notion that the female gender is the one which needs to be brought up to the level of male gender. So feminism as a word constantly reminds us that the female gender is the one which deserves to be be treated better.

Yes, we should call it equalism because feminism as a word ignores the male gender. It is less about equality and more about treating women better.

Well at times in the name of feminism, we expect men to leave their seat for a women (has happened to me). Now can’t a man be more tired than woman. Is it right if he is expected to leave his seat in the name of feminism. Why is it thought of as disrespectful if a man doesn’t offer a seat to a woman.

I believe “equalism” would be a lot better term to use. It would ensure that women are treated at par with men while not forgetting that men are humans too.