Milestone (50th micro blog)

Everyone has goals. Like you may want to top your class or get into a good college or get your dream job.

But milestones are somewhat different from goals. Milestones are achieved on the way of achieving your goals.

Milestones are like checkpoints on the way to your destination (goal). Today we’ve reached one such checkpoint. We have completed 50 micro blogs in 50 days.

You must be wondering why am I using “we” instead of “I”. This is because it would not have been possible without you.

If you didn’t critically rate my blogs everyday, if you didn’t put your perspective forward , if you didn’t give me ideas to write on- we wouldn’t be standing here.

50 is just the first checkpoint. There are many to come.

But what’s the destination you ask

We don’t have a destination, we’re here for these checkpoints.

So let’s celebrate each milestone as if we reached our goal.

Thank you for everything

With love


Why “I do give a fuck” for what people say? (micro blog)

There are quotes on Instagram which say “You should not give a fuck for others opinion about you” but I don’t believe this.

I believe that to be of any value to anyone, you need to care for what they think of you.

Like I constantly try to seek feedback on these micro blogs from you. It is because I’m not writing these for my own self. I’m writing for you. I need to know what opinion you have about my blogs in order to serve better blogs in future.

If I just kept writing about whatever topic I like or just my interests then there is a high possibility that you would not be interested.

I do give a fuck for whether you love or hate me.

I value your opinion and about me.

I try to get your opinion close to my opinion about myself.

But your opinion will always be supreme to me regardless of what I think of myself.


When should I die? (micro blog)

I’ve been thinking about this. What if someday god appears and asks me when do you want to die then what will I answer.

Do I want to live forever? No

Do I want to die before turning old? Nah, my retirement plans are all set.

Then when do I want to die.

I think, I’ll choose to die on the day when my name is big enough for my grandchildren to tell their grandchildren with emmense pride that they have my blood flowing in their viens.

I be mortal the day my name is rendered immortal

When do you plan to die?


Why I don’t meditate (micro blog)

I always believed meditation can help one get better. I tried my hand at it under the guidance of a tutor who complimented me for doing it well at such an early stage.

But I don’t meditate now. Why?

Because it calms my brain down. It silences the rukus inside my head. Yeah this is the reason why I stopped doing it.

You would say that a calm mind is desirable. Agree, it is desired by most but not me.

I know what a calm head feels like and to me it just doesn’t feel good. I like my head firing up with thoughts.

I’m ok if my head bursts open because of excessive thoughts but what I can’t tolerate is a vacant mind.

This is one area where I think that I’m wrong and I’m ok being wrong.

What do you think of meditation?


Why security sucks? (Micro blog)

By security I mean the safe way of doing anything. We always prefer the safer path. Like we go to school then college then a job. The life goal of most of you looks somewhat like this. Doesn’t it?

This is the safe way of living life and there’s nothing wrong in it. But I play it differently, my life goals don’t look like that. I like doing what most won’t. I like putting everything on the line for what I want.

I like the thrill of it. Either you give your best or you are fucking thrown out of the game. There’s no safety in there. You can end up broke. It’s a win all-loose all game.

To me the safe path sucks.

1 life, why play it safe?


Regret drives me (micro blog)

Nobody wants to regret but as I’ve found out- regretting has good consequences.

Like if I sleep more than my normal sleep schedule on someday. Then I’m filled with regret the moment I wake up. But I’ve noticed that I go straight to the bathroom on these days without wasting any time. After completing my daily chores, I get straight onto my agenda for the day without procastinating a bit.

So when I look at it at the end of the day, I realise that I got more done on this day of excess sleep because I had a regret of not holding onto my sleep schedule.

This feeling of regret/guilt drives me for the rest of the day and at the end of which I’m pretty happy having done more than normal work.

Regretting didn’t turn out to be as bad as I thought it to be.

I don’t regret regretting anymore.


Taking the hard calls (micro blog)

So the past few days have not been much productive to me. This is because I stopped challenging my beliefs, I stopped venturing out of my comfort zone.

When I looked closely at it. I realised that it’s been quite a while that I’ve taken any hard calls to get myself going. So I took some but as I told you they are extremely hard to take and execute.

The world constantly forces me to go back on these hard calls. Forget the world, I myself don’t want to take these calls. They are difficult, really difficult.

But I believe that it is these hard choices that’ll determine where I end up.

I may be wrong on this but I used the words “I believe”. So if you’ve been reading my blogs regularly, you’d get the point.


Freedom is a sin (micro blog)

It’s been quite a while that I’ve been trying to understand this line and today I think I just may have figured it out.

How can freedom be a sin? We all want freedom. None wants to be questioned by anyone.

None wants to be limited by any rules or stereotypes, then how can freedom be a sin.

Freedom is a sin because it gives you a sense of freehand in whatever you do. Freedom doesn’t make you think more than once before doing anything.

Imagine if killing people was not a crime according to law. Then don’t you think the number of murders would be 10x. Doesn’t this mean that freedom is, in itself, a sin.

Imagine noone forcing you to go to school. Would you go to school everyday without fail. I would not have.

We want freedom because we think that the present is limiting.

We want more autonomy over everything.

But the lack of freedom stops a lot of bad things from happening.

Hence, in a way, it can be said that freedom is a sin in itself.


Belief vs logic (micro blog)

I see a lot of people confuse these 2.

Finding logic behind beliefs is illogical.

Atheists ask believers of God to give them logic to believe in God. There is no need for any logic to believe in anything.

You are free to believe/not believe in something regardless of any logic.

Like, I believe that Apple (the company) is doomed and will not exist after 10 years. Now this might sound highly illogical to you but I believe in it and I don’t need to justify it.

I believe the world would never face energy crisis. Again something I don’t need to justify.

Believing is a lot different than giving logic.

Believing is what your instincts say while logic is what your brain says.

Another example

I believe only my pillow is my pillow and if you give me some other pillow saying it would serve the same purpose then you’ve got logic but this is against my belief which doesn’t need to be justified.

So belief is more powerful than logic.

I believe in believing without logic.


I love the uncertainty (micro blog)

Any business or initiative operating on any scale requires investment. This investment is nor very big neither very small. But if I compare to the admission fee of a college then it is much smaller (atleast in my case).

I think a zillion times before spending on any aspect of my work. This is so because the money isn’t mine and putting my parents’ money into something risky doesn’t seem right.

My parents would have happily taken a loan to get me into a good private college (cuz I anyway wouldn’t get a govt). This is because they know that at end of college, our child would get a degree (validation) and would be eligible for safe jobs.

Which is somewhat understandable as every investor seeks a good ROI (return on investment).

So now I don’t have any investors neither do I have the experience. But experience comes only by doing.

The only 2 things that I have now are:

1. An internet connection (my parents pay for which)

2. Myself

These 2 need to mingle in a such an incredible way to make me stand from 0 to 1.

This will be hell difficult, but fun.

I may succeed but this is so uncertain.

But I love the uncertainty.