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VC is a people business. //Day 1660

VC is a people business. I’ve said it many times and will say it a lot more times. You cannot win as an investor without knowing the right people. And the right people knowing you.

The vc game is played on people. Build relationships. Add value. Help. Listen.

That’s how it’s done. You want to find the best people and that’s what matters most in this business.


A pat on the back. //Day 1659

Sometimes I move fast. Setting targets for myself. Then I achieve and neglect them. As if it didn’t mean anything to me.

That’s when I take a pause and give myself a nice little pat on the back.

I appreciate you and I respect you.

I’ll be there by your side forever.

You’re a one man army. Let the world feel your power, unfiltered. Unleash yourself. You got me. And that’s all you need.


This is the time to build. //Day 1658

There’s never been a better time to build. But build what? Disrupt any existing product with the power of AI. Profit!

Of course it’s not as simple as that. But we have a great opportunity staring at us in our eyes. Anyone who makes the most of it will win. BIG!

So if you can build something useful in a big market using AI. You’re sitting on a goldmine!

Go build.


Brace for AI(mpact)! //Day 1657

I’ve been putting off saying this for long. But now I think is the right time to say this. AI is now threatening many jobs. This is the time that everyone needs to “AI proof” themselves.

This is not going to be easy. Almost all knowledge work can be replaced by AI. You need something more than just information or creativity to stay relevant.

What are those things that “AI proof” you?

There are a few things like decision making, a unique blend of variety of skills, good taste, presentation skills, selling, pitching, deal making, negotiation, singing, dancing, helping people, managing people & resources. And there can be some more.

But a lot of jobs are seriously threatened. To give a few examples, copywriters, script writers, designers, social media managers, architechts. And more.

AI is a threat not just to jobs but entire businesses. Google is one big example. Who would have thought a company as big and monopolistic can be threatened by AI. But it is. Google search is at the brink of disruption. It’s more likely to happen than ever before.

We’re at an important junction in the entire spectrum of human life. Just like computers changed everything for everyone, so did mobile phones, and so did the internet. AI is now knocking at the doors. Fortunes are going to be made and some big castles will go down to dust. Brace for AI(mpact)!


Imperfection. //Day 1656

I’m not perfect in writing these blogs. It’s not the most eloquent writing you’ll read. Or the one filled with insights. But it’s me. It’s my authentic self.

I think this will be valued a lot in future. With the coming of AI, lot of eloquence and information can be easily accessed. But authenticity will be rare to find.

For that reason being your real imperfect self will be valued a lot higher. That’s why these blogs are important. Imperfect yet important.


Anxiety. //Day 1655

What really causes anxiety?

I’ve noticed 2 things.

1. Inaction.

2. Worrying about things not in control.

To counter it, make yourself active. Workout. Sweat it out. Get out of your head.

That’ll also help you stay in present and not worry about things not in control.


Why network is networth? #1654

You must have heard people say “Your network is your networth”.

Ever wondered why they say that?

It’s because everything good is behind a closed door. Not everyone can get in. You need people who know people inside the door to hold the door open for you.

This is not to say you can’t open the door yourself. You can. But it’ll be a lot harder to do it all by yourself.

Knowing the right people makes everything a lot easier. For that reason your network is your networth.


Music //Day 1653

Music is extremely powerful. More people should learn music and make something good out of it. Everyone can enjoy music. Doesn’t matter if you understand what’s being said or not. You can just vibe with it.

I’m gonna learn to make music. More importantly, I’m going to start making music.

We need more good music in the world.


Go after it. //Day 1652

Your dreams are waiting for you. Go after them. Don’t settle for less. This is the time.

Get what you’re here for. Chase it down.

Most people don’t get to go after their dreams, even those who do give up and settle for less.

I want you to not be one of those. Go get your dreams. You owe it to the person who believed you could get them.


Fight. //Day 1651

Whenever I get comfortable. Or I feel I’m living a life more like everyone else. I throw myself out of my comfort zone.

To push myself, to experience the limits, to get what I’m here for.

Fight for survival. Fight for yourself.

This is the time. Make it happen!