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Good day. //Day 1543

Today was Rakshabandhan, the day we celebrate the brother sister bond.

I enjoyed it. The morning we went to the terrace, then recorded some songs and in the evening did the rituals.

It was a good day! I enjoyed it.


Anger. //Day 1542

I think anger is something I need to work on. It isn’t like every small thing is making me angry. I get angry at all the legit reasons. But even that, isn’t good.

Anger does more harm to me than the other person. You can’t control other people’s actions. And letting something you can’t control affect you isn’t a good thing.

I’ll work this. Being more ignorant of other’s wrongs. They have their own lives & problems, you don’t want to add to that. Just let them be.

That said, don’t tolerate something that’s really bad. Speak up when required, subtly at first then with a harsher tone if required.


Fix the process, numbers will follow. //Day 1541

I see a lot of people spending too much time & obsessing over numbers. Something they need to understand is that it all comes down to process.

A good process will reflect in numbers, & a bad process will also show in numbers.

Instead of obsessing over numbers, if you obsess over the process you’ll automatically do good on the numbers.


Protective Vs Over-protective. //Day 1540

There’s a very thin line between protective & over-protective. While being protective is good, it is fairly easy to to slip into te over-protective zone.

But why is the over-protective zone bad?

When you’re over-protective you try to avert any and every risk, even the smallest ones. In doing that, you prevent that person from facing that situation, learning from it, and getting strong themselves.

By being over-protective you deny them the opportunity to build the ability & strength to protect themselves.

Let’s be real. You can’t always be around them. They need to be strong enough themselves to get through any & every situation. Being over-protective does them a disservice.

Stay protective, but stay away from getting over-protective.


Stay solid. //Day 1539

You’ve to stay solid in ups, & downs. When everybody would shake, you remain still.

It’s not easy to move you. You’re solid. Still in your rules & values. Just like a still rock in a flowing river.

The river doesn’t bother the rock. The rock stays solid regardless of the flow of the river. Be like that rock. Solid.


You can’t buy a good body. //1538

I’m not impressed by your clothes, but with your body. You can buy clothes, but not a body for them to look good on.

Good clothes+unfit body= doesn’t work

Avg clothes+fit body= you slay

Work hard on your body if you want to look good wearing anything.


Gym is a life hack. //Day 1537

I didn’t know going to the gym will be so good, until I actually went. The benefits are on many fronts, not just physical.

My mental health improved significantly. I feel more focused & confident. I feel more powerful.

I wish I started earlier. So if you haven’t started yet, just do it already. It’ll be amazing for you, like it is for me.


Get it out of the way. //Day 1536

I don’t feel like writing today. But if I don’t write right now, it’ll linger on in my head and bother me.

So I’m getting this out of my head. This is the blog for today.

Get things out of your way and keep moving. Do the things that need to be done.


Practice. //Day 1535

Practice makes a man perfect. Of yes you’ve heard it before. But you need to know it’s true. You probably already know that, now what?

Hey but do you actually practice? Whatever you want to get better at? No? Then you don’t know.

Start doing it. You’ll get better. Practice. On n on. You’ll reap the benefits.


No alarms. //Day 1534

I don’t need no alarms. Or at the least I don’t need someone telling.e what to do. I’m like this. Arrogant. But that works for me & against noone.

Nobody got no business in me. So they don’t decide what I do.

Next, not even tools. Not the alarms clocks. Not the smartphone. But me.

I decide. I’m the only one in control of myself.