The beauty of reading. //1016

Everyone tells you should read but noone tells why you should read. Not everyone gets pleasure out of reading books. Why should they do it?

Reading is a way to take a break from your way of thinking and think like someone else (the writer). You get to view the world through a different lens. That’s one exciting thing about reading.

Another is, you get to learn new things. You can read in the field of your interest and it’ll give you a ton of more information that can help you.

Reading also helps you articulate your own thoughts. It clarifies your thinking. As you see others writing their thoughts in the form of a book. You start think in a way that can help you understand your thoughts better.

Reading helps you explore the vast information, creativity that’s there in the world. It can help you go back in time and yes, even ahead in time.

Read what fascinates you!


Watching the sunrise after a long time. //Day 1015

Today, I literally pushed myself off the bed to wake up early, freshen up, and be there to watch the sunrise.

This was after a long time that I saw the sunrise, last I saw a few months back atleast.

Watching the sunrise energises me, inspires me, motivates me to take on the new day. The sun is my inspiration. It’s up everyday on its time, gives light to the entire world.

I want to be like it. For that I’ll need to be as punctual and centered as the sun. Am I up for the challenge. I think yes!


Noone really knows. //Day 1014

If you’re thinking, you’re the only one clueless about what you are doing and what you will do in future, you’re wrong.

Almost everyone is figuring it out. Even the ones whose lives look most sorted from outside. Each one is just winging it and expecting it to work. Noone really knows what will work and what won’t.

The point is, you need to try things out. You can’t just sit and try to figure it out in your head first and then get to implementing it. Get your hands dirty. Experiment. Do things you’re unsure about.

Not all of them will click, but some will. Those will be enough to get you started.


You are your no 1 priority. //Day 1013

You are the most important person for yourself. It is the only real asset you truly own and one that cannot be replaced.

For this reason, prioritize yourself. Over every other thing that seems important. You are more important. Everything else can wait.

I de-prioritized myself for a lot. But not anymore. I just cannot afford to put this man under anymore for anything.

It’s time I put myself first. Regardless of what the world thinks. It’s time I start treating myself better. You should do the same. You are your no 1 priority.


Accept when you’re not at your best. //Day 1012

I’ve been unwell for the past couple of days and it’s been hard for me to get anything done or focus on anything.

Everyone experiences this when they’re sick. What I found helpful during this time is to realise that I’m not at my best and have lesser expectations off myself.

I can’t be the best on all days. It’s not possible. It would be wrong to even expect that from myself. So I’m giving myself some space and ease to get well first and then the best again.

I’m not doing great and I accept it. I’ll get back to being my best soon!


I’m living a dream of many. //Day 1011

If I look at my life right now, I’m living a life so many dream about. I get to work remotely (I don’t have to go to office), I can follow my passion projects alongside work, I can do whatever I want. There are endless opportunities in front of me that I’m highly eligible for.

I love this. I’m not going to say that I worked really hard to get to this place. I’ll just call it luck and grace of God.

This is a life that so many dream about. I consider myself truly lucky for everything.

My purpose of writing this is to make myself appreciate what I already have because my mind always keeps craving for more and better. Which isn’t necessary bad either but it’s important to realise what I already have that so many don’t.

I’ll keep working to fulfill all my and my parents dreams. To be of value to the entire world. Working towards it, one day at a time.


Think like the receiver. //Day 1010

Want to be a good doer/builder/creator? Think like the person who’ll be receiving what you create. It can be your customer, user, audience.

You’ve to first understand what do they want, before you throw something that you want to/know how to create at them.

Always start with the notion that you don’t know your market. Don’t build anything based on assumptions. That’ll be a waste of time and energy. Do your market/audience research first, before you get to building/creating.

How do you do this research? Talking to people in your target market/audience. Talk to them about the problems they face, how badly do they want a solution, what kind of solution would be ideal for them.

After talking to a good number of people, you’ll have trashed out many of your assumptions already and have a handful of really strong pain points to solve for.

Then you design a minimal solution and ask them for feedback. Loop until they’re happy to the point that they’ll pay for it. Keep making it better with the feedback you keep collecting.

This is how you can become a good creator/builder. By letting the receiver decide what you should be creating. Let the receiver be the boss. Not you.


It could have been worse. //Day 1009

Whenever I feel ungrateful and unhappy about the state of everything, I remind myself- it could have been worse.

What I have is not something that was owed to me. I’m just lucky to be having the things I have. God’s been really kind to me.

It could very well be the other way round. But it’s not. I can’t help but be very grateful for what I’ve been given.

Thinking about this instantly makes me value what I have. I feel the abundance and not the scarcity. Once you start feeling the abundance, you’ll be given more.


Saying sorry. //Day 1008

When you make a mistake, you say sorry. Isn’t that pretty straightforward? For most people it isn’t. People often make apologizing an ego issue. Almost like, their stature would reduce by saying sorry for a thing they did wrong.

It’s quite the opposite I’d say. If you are thoughtful enough to recognize your mistake, courageous enough to accept that as a mistake and sensible enough to go and say sorry then you’re doing the right thing. Doing the right thing only commands respect. While if you don’t apologize, then probably your stature is in danger

If saying sorry is too hard for you, you’ve an unnecessarily inflated sense of self that won’t serve you well anywhere.

It’s human to err, it’s even more human to say sorry. Don’t overthink it.


It’s about making time. //Day 1007

Whenever someone says, “I don’t have time”, what they’re really saying is this isn’t important enough for them.

If it were important enough, they would make time for it. They would try to fit it somewhere in their schedule. Since they didn’t do any of that, it’s not important enough for them.

This holds for yourself too. You will only spend time on what’s important for you. If something more important comes up, you won’t say “I don’t have time”, instead you will re- prioritize and make time for what’s more important.

People have plenty of time, if it’s important enough for them.