Daily Blogs✍️

Do what it takes. //Day 1764

There are a few things that’ll get you to your end result. Just a handful. These are the things that drive results.

What you need to do is find these things and do them. On priority.

That will get you ahead and moving.


Live your best life. //Day 1763

Life is too short to be doing things you don’t love. Or to live a life for tomorrow, not today.

Imagine what would your best life be. Then work towards it. But don’t forget to live that dream all along.

Live your best life. Everyday.


Keep learning. //Day 1762

Those who stop learning will be left behind by those constantly learning.

You’ve to stay curious always. Keep reading. There’s a lot of use knowledge that you need.

Go get it. As soon as possible. Then use it to get an edge of those who don’t know yet.


Deadline and scarcity. //Day 1761

When you’re trying to make a sale, you’ve to create a sense of urgency. Else they won’t take action. How do you create urgency, 2 things.

Deadline and scarcity.

Have a special discount that’s only valid for 15 days after you pitch them. Remind them of the deadline. Plus, create scarcity. If there are many goods, there’s no rush in getting them. But if there’s only one left, they will dive to get that last one.

Leverage the power of deadlines and scarcity to get them to wire the money as quick as possible.


Quality of life. //Day 1760

I’m optimizing for quality of life. Not status.

It’s an important decision. To know what you’re really optimizing for. As a lot of decisions are based off of that.

For me, I do things that increase quality of life, not decrease. A lot of things that look fancy are counter productive to what I’m optimizing for.

I want to keep it simple, high impact and joyful. That’s it.


Radical acceptance. //Day 1759

Not everything will go the way we want. So what can we do. Of course we try to get what we want. Fail. And try again. And again.

But at one point. The best bet might be accept it. Let it be. It’s fine everything won’t work the way you want.

Be fine with it and keep moving.


A new day. //Day 1758

Everyday is a new day. Why I say new is because it’s fresh. Like a blank page. You can do anything with it. Make plans on it, draw a picture, or just crumble it and throw it down the dustbin.

Your choice.

It’s whatever you make of it.


Self slavery. //Day 1757

Slavery is seen in bad light. As it should be.

But there’s something we can take away from that too. And that’s doing things no matter what. Not on someone else’s order but your own.

I call it self slavery. Decide what’s the best for you then go do it. No matter what. Just do it. Until you get what you want.

Be a slave to your dreams.


Be bad sometimes. //Day 1756

I’ve seen at many places, the good don’t win. The bad win. It’s not ideal.

Bad is cool & trendy these day. While good seems boring to people.

Not the way it should be but the way it is.

So be bad sometimes.


Let’s keep going. //Day 1755

Everyone has some not so good phases in life. It’s normal. Get through it. Just keep going.

When there’s a tunnel, it can be dark for sometime but then there’s light at the other end. So keep going. Don’t stop.

Keep in motion. It’ll get better.