Daily Blogs✍️

Whatever’s on my mind. //Day 1468

I just write whatever’s on my mind. That’s how I’ve been able to continue doing it for so long. I just put my head to paper.

Everyone can do it. The reason they don’t is they put high expectations on what they pen down.

If you’re writing for yourself, it doesn’t matter how good it is. You just write something. That’s it. That’s enough.


The world is filled with good people. //Day 1467

When I went to the hospital yesterday, my health deteriorated in front of the doctor. And the way he did everything he could to get me alright was so good to see. He even gave us his number, although doctors don’t give out their personal numbers to patients. But he did.

That just reminded me that goodness isn’t dead. It’s there all around us. We just fail to see it as the bad always gets highlighted. So we feel everything is bad. But that’s not true.

This world is a good place, with good people in it. You just have to have an eye to see them. They’re doing good everyday without expecting anything in return. They’re keeping this planet running. I appreciate them, and want to be one of them.


Getting better. //1466

My health deteriorated this morning. I went to the hospital and it got worse there.

I don’t feel this is the person I’m here to be. I’m here to be strong and at service to others.

I’ll become that. That’s my goal.



Keep knocking the door. //1465

Most of the times what you ask for, will not be given at once. People don’t have an obligation to give you what you want. Or even listen to what you’re asking for.

But it is your responsibility to keep asking until they pay attention. That’s what I call “keep knocking the door”. Just keep trying, until they can’t resist you.

If you want it badly, go after it like anything. Don’t lose hope quick. Keep trying, you will get it.


Respond, don’t react. //Day 1464

There’s a difference between responding & reacting. Reacting is just your natural in the moment reaction to something. It’s not much in your control.

On the other hand, responding is about taking a pause, processing all available information, and then crafting a logical response.

Respond, don’t react. Reactions spoil things, responding facilitates communication and sustainability.


I’m happy! //Day 1463

It’s after a good long time that I’m enjoying my life. What changed?

I started challenging myself, dreaming big, believing I could achieve, putting in the efforts, tapping into my potential, pushing my limitations.

That is all that’s changed. But I’m a lot content with myself. With just the fact that I’m trying. That I’m believing in myself. That I’m chasing down my dreams.

I love this chase. I’m here for this game. I’m enjoying it.


Everyday is a blessing. //Day 1462

Everyday you wake up is a blessing. Be grateful for it. Make the most of it.

Sometimes we stop appreciating our lives. Which isn’t fair. We’re here, isn’t that amazing?

We can do so much with our existence. Improve lives, uplift people, be a manifestation of joy. Are you doing it?


People are a vibe. //Day 1461

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend from Greece, Alex West, he runs his own business. Talking to him was so much fun. He was chill, fun, and insightful.

I love talking to and being around such people. Who are so real that you just can’t help but connect with them.

People are a vibe. For each one a different one. You can feel this vibe while talking to them. Even you are a vibe. What type? Ask the people you hang out with. They’ll tell you.

Work on your vibe and be around the good ones. It’ll make life a lot more fun.


Don’t fret about the results. //Day 1460

What I’ve found is that I’m a lot less stressed when I’m not worried about the results, and direct all my focus to what I can control.

There’s a feeling of peace in just taking care of what you can control, and leaving the rest and not getting influenced by it.

If you succeed, good, do more of what you did. If you fail, see what can be improved and make the changes. Overtime your results will trend upwards, I assure you 🙂


Sitting idle. //Day 1459

When was the last time you were sitting idle, doing nothing, thinking nothing, just sitting?

Can’t remember?

That’s where we’ve gotten us today. We’re overstimulated all the time. We’re never bored. Entertainment is at our fingertips. A click and boom you got your dopamine.

It’s that easy, and that harmful. When you’re constantly overstimulated you miss out on life. You miss out on the tiny moment happiness around you. You miss out on the beauty of the flower. You miss out on that kid smiling and waving at you.

Pull back from all this. Sit idle when you don’t have anything to do. Don’t pick up of your phone. Try to embrace the world around you and engage with it. You’ll live a much better life.