Being a genius is not such a good thing.

We feel being a genius is great. But why are geniuses with exceptional mental capacity not the most successful?

Geniuses are good at logic, facts and reason. None of which runs the world. This is where being a genius doesn’t work for you, if anything, against you.

Geniuses can often say something cannot be done giving good logic and you’d be tempted to believe them because you can’t deny logic, right?

Fun fact: You can’t deny logic but you can defy it.

Those who are not geniuses, don’t know the logic for why something will not work, just they just try and see if it works. This is the only way to know for them. They just keep doing things and also keep failing but sometimes the things that a genius would say will fail actually worked for these non-geniuses.

These things that worked defied logic and now give an edge to the non-genius. This goes on and non-geniuses keep getting these illogical edges while geniuses keep giving reasons why something will not work.

At the end, the non-genius comes up on top. The genius then sits down to study the success of the non genius. But again he makes the same mistake. He tries to find logic in his success.


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