Be the right kind of slave.

Everyone is a slave. Whether you like it or not. Everyone is answerable to someone. Noone has ultimate freedom.

One cannot not be a slave. Then what do we do? Well if we can’t get ultimate freedom then let’s atleast be the right kind of slave.

There are 2 kinds of slaves:

1. Who take orders from others.

2. Who take orders from themselves.

Most of us are the 1st kind of slave. But I’d say the 2nd kind is the right kind of slave.

How to become a slave of the self?

Give orders to yourself and follow those orders as if the world would fall apart if you don’t.

Self slavery is more difficult as the job is 2 fold: giving orders and taking orders.

First you need to think what orders to give to yourself, then you have to hold yourself accountable to fulfill those orders.

You have to play the part of the master as well as the slave.

Sounds difficult, it’s much more difficult in practice. But why do we have to become slaves of the self if it’s so difficult?

Because only you have your best interests in mind. A master other than you will fulfill his/her interests first, not yours.

Don’t confuse me for saying you should not work for anyone. If noone works for anyone then nothing good will ever be built. Just make sure, wherever you work, you are your own master.


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