Ask for what you want (micro blog)

How often do you want something and you take the courage to ask for it?

In reality, we rarely ask for what we want.

We just keep wishing that one day that thing will come to us on it’s ownself but this rarely happens.

Today, when there are so many wants all around-it’s extremely important to ask for what you wish for.

This has emmense power. People are so willing to give, it’s just about making them know that you need something.

India’s last to last international football game was seen by a mere 2,300 people in the ground. Then, the captain of Indian football team made an open appeal for everyone to support and guess what- the Indian team was greeted with a jam packed stadium in its game on June 4. Not only this, the tickets for the next 2 matches are also sold out.

You see the power of asking. Imagine had the captain not made such an appeal,would this still be possible. It is extremely important to let the other party know what you want.

This works in every domain- whether you are a student telling your teacher what way you like to be taught or you are a businessman telling your partner what you expect out of the deal or you are in a relationship telling your partner how you like to be treated.

It’s of no use to be secretly greedy, go out and tell people what you want and why you want.

There is so much noise in this world, the loudest in staking claim is often the person who wins the game.


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