Are newspapers worth reading? (Micro-blog)

In times of fake and paid media. Should we still take out time for reading news?

When political parties are selling their propaganda through news articles and advertisements.

Media has always had a huge impact on what stance we take on any particular issue. The facts they present is what we base our opinion on.

Isn’t this dangerous? When media controls what you get to know on any issue.

Isn’t this a serious threat to our democracy?

Media gives full attention to election rallies while ignoring the ground reality.

They never miss a single PM rally. But ever did they tell you that they charge political parties for showing their election rallies live.

This is a really unfortunate time for journalism. A time when news is not what you should know about but what they are paid to tell you about.

The question here is:

Is journalism dead or are we still in the process?


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