Hi, I'm Prashant Choubey

My work as a creator

My work as a marketer

Previously, I was working as Head of Marketing at Metta Ventures. I took care of all things marketing, whether it’s writing blog posts, handling social media, getting into partnerships/sponsorships, hosting a podcast, and managing a small yet powerful marketing team. It was great fun to work at Metta for the extremely liberal asynchronous style of working. I got to work on my schedule, it can be early morning or late nights, anything that works for me.  Besides, there were close to 0 meetings, we only got on calls if it’s super necessary, else we don’t. This was a great time saver.

Before that, I was working as Marketing Evangelist at CutShort.io – An AI driven career success platform for candidates and complete hiring solution for hiring companies. I learnt a ton by working there – how a bootstrapped business is run, how to grow the business without spending any money on CAC, marketing strategies across different channels and the mindset required while marketing for startups. All my work there was outcome focused (not activity focused). I was a member of a small team of ~15 that made it all possible!

I’ve also worked with multiple other startups in marketing roles in the past, helping them go from 0 to 1. 


My passions

I’m passionate about business, investing, podcasting, and uplifting others to live a good life & aggressively go after their dreams.

My hobbies

I like playing cricket. If I were not doing what I’m doing, I’d be playing professional cricket and being very good at it. But I’m happy with what I’m today. My dream is to buy the Delhi IPL team someday!
Besides, I’m learning to cook and make music. Not to forget, I can beatbox quite well. Don’t tell anyone though or they’ll ask me to do it whenever I meet them and I don’t like performing for 1 or 2 people, but if you’ve a stage show then I’m available.

My morning routine

  • Wake up at 4
  • Take shower
  • Get ready
  • Worship and chanting
  • Centered routine (Meditation, yoga & breath work)- 1 hour
  • Make tea for mom & dad
  • Pay respect to sun
  • Water plants
  • Touch parents feet and seek blessings
  • Plan my day in my diary
  • Make & have breakfast
  • Hit the gym
  • Start day!
This entire process takes ~3 hours to accomplish. This is also my self-care routine for I’m working on many things at a time and it’s my responsibility to ensure my body can take that much. Hence, such a long morning routine which covers almost all aspects of my personal growth and care.

Principles I live by

  • Centeredness.
  • LalaThe Best Man
    • The Man in the Arena
    • Thesis Driven living (not opportunistic or the easy option)
    • Good person; enough bad.
    • Mentally, physically & spiritually fit & healthy.
    • Supreme Discipline.
    • Supreme Confidence.
    • ‘No’ Rules
      • No Inputs
      • No Excuses
      • No days off
      • No anger
      • No requests
    • Mental toughness.
    • Physical toughness.
    • Embrace discomfort.
    • Leading life.
    • Flip the demand.
    • Play big games
    • Punctuality.
    • Best in class.
    • Winning Everyday.
    • “Are they freaking out?”
    • Long term mindset.
    • Rest at the end,
      not in the middle.
    • Family man.
  • ‘Ship’ towards your goals (every week)
  • Consistency.
  • Process.
  • 10X (not 10%) Mentality.
  • “Shoot bullets, not cannons.”
    (Iterations over perfection)
  • Proactive approach.
  • Compounding.
  • Stillness.
  • Warmth.
  • Credibility.
  • Leverage.
  • Persistence & reluctance.
  • Get the basics/fundamentals right!
  • “Will this move you?” mentality
  • Frugality.
  • Don’t give in!
  • Do good first.
  • Kindness.
  • Let go. Forgive.
  • Start and stop on time.
  • Be nice!
  • Live in present moment like a child.
  • Smile in every situation.
To have some control on life:
  • Control sleep (fixed times)(quality sleep)
  • Control food (fixed times)(right food)
4 Pillars of Knowledge:
1. Viveka (Discrimination)
2. Vairagya (lack of feverishness in desires)
3. 6 types of wealth
 – Shama (peace of mind)
 – Dama (control on senses)
 – Titiksha (endurance)
 – Uparati (enjoy every moment)
 – Sharadha (devotion to the unknown)
 – Samadhna (contentment)
4. Mumukshatva (desire to be free)

Business principles:

  • Optimizing for Freedom
  • Make employees rich! (by offering equity (skin in the game), so when we sell the business, they make life-changing money)
  • Leverage (marketing via personal brand).

Money principles:

  • Money that brings freedom.
  • 25%-50%-25% split.
  • 25% for myself and my family.
  • 50% to empower others via investments.
  • 25% to build more businesses and fund my projects.

People I look upto

  • My mom for her work ethic, confidence and get her way attitude
  • Ratan Tata for business, philanthrophy, & being a man of public good.
  • Kobe Bryant for greatness, mindset and being a family man.
  • Taylor Swift for building a cult and deeply connecting with her fans through her songs.
  • Elon Musk for ambition, craziness and risk taking ability
  • Sridhar Vembu for his simplicity and the causes he works for.
  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine during the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine. He stood his ground and fought for his country while being a comparatively weaker country to Russia, even when the easier option of running away was very much available to him. A true man of steel & absolute courage. That war went on for 30+ days, but had Zelenskyy fled, Ukraine wouldn’t stand Russian aggression for a week.

I stand for

  • Peace.
  • Oneness.
  • Feminism.
  • Righteousness.
  • Equal opportunity for all.

PS. Listen to my crazy life-story