A break. //Day 1077

It’s not bad to take breaks. At times it’s a requirement. To stop for a while, give it some time, get everything in control, then maybe start again.

Although, it can feel awful to take a break from something you really love. But then, it becomes important to communicate it in a clear way so all stakeholders know what’s going on. Noone, I repeat, noone wants you to continue at the cost of your mental peace. They all want you happy, atleast that’s what I think.

So it’s not a problem to prioritize yourself and take a break from things. It’s fine. It’ll hurt to discontinue for a while what you’ve been doing consistently. But it’s fine, you come first. Your family comes first. Your mental peace comes first. Everything else is secondary.

So do take breaks whenever you feel the need. Those who really care about you, will still be there at the other side. Those who don’t, won’t. But that’s all fine.


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