500 blogs in 500 days.

When I started I definitely didn’t think in my wildest dreams that this streak would go to 500, today it’s that unreal day.

Writing one blog everyday for 500 days straight without a break doesn’t mean I wrote just 500 blogs, several blogs looked bad at first, so I had to crush the paper and throw it to the bin just like artists do when their painting goes wrong and start again with a fresh canvas.

This way, I might have written over a 1000 blogs or probably more, half of them went to the bin. Only half came in front of you through my feed. But that’s the half that matters. That’s the half that made so many of you follow me. That’s the half that deserved your attention.

People often ask me, how in hell can you be so consistent? I don’t give rosy answers here. It was difficult, really difficult. On days I struggled to find a good topic to write. Honestly, finding good topics to write on is the most difficult part of the job. But today I can say, I’ve written on 500 frikkin topics in 500 frikkin days, sounds corny, doesn’t it? haha

While I’m writing this I’m struggling to decide which one of my feelings should you be made to experience through my words today. There’s so much I learnt in these 500 days that I can write a book on it. Oh will you buy that book? Joking, I’ll stick to writing blogs for now. Or I may also do a insta live (@choubey.sahab) later today to share my learnings with you.

Another question frequently asked is, “why do you do this?”, “Does it give you money”

Well I wish my words gave me money but they give me something much bigger, satisfaction and the ability to have a voice in a world filled with noise.

Words are the most powerful thing I possess, I can go to war with them. My words have travelled more than myself, I’ve readers in almost every continent, especially Europe and it feels so good to see people from different countries rating my blogs. I don’t know if I’ll visit those countries someday but my words surely have.

Writing gives me the power to be the voice of those shut, be it Sudan or Kashmir. I took my firm stand for peace.

This is also a good opportunity to THANK YOU because you give me this power. For a writer is just a scribbler without readers. All this stands on you.

Also if I may, ask you for something? Yes? No?

Ok I’ll ask anyway, can you subscribe to my newsletter at choubeysahab.substack.com. I’ll send great blogs on a variety of topics everyday direct to your inbox. Also share this post with your friends. Do this because 500 is a small number, we’ve a long way to go and it’s always good to have more people for a long journey like this one.



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